Those Unitary Plan Workshops

Trying to get two open


Seem I am deemed media and have established a functioning media arm within TotaRim Consultancy Limited I might as well report on proceedings with the Unitary Plan. It is going to come out one way or the other regardless of Council rejecting or approving the two notions I have proposed.

I have emailed Council to open two workshops to selected media to observe proceedings of the UP workshop processes. The first workshop is the Auckland Plan Committee and Local Boards on July 29th and 30th and deals with Local Board resolutions.

From the Council UP Workshop Agenda

29 July APC & Local Board workshop
(Local Boards to present)
Local board resolutions
30 July APC & Local Board workshop
(Local Boards to present)
Local board resolutions

I have come to the logical conclusion that as the Local Board resolutions should have been made and are available in the public domain, then all matters discussed in these workshops so not have confidential elements discussed (that is private property rights). Thus I have asked Council in the sake of getting their C+ comms up to at least a B+ and cynicism from the public from the Black Zone to an Orange Zone to open this particular workshop up and observe the Local Boards and Auckland Plan Committee in action.

If anything else having selected media observing the proceedings not only offers the public a rare insight between Council and Local Board interactions but, in part minimise grandstanding and politicians going feral. That is unless they want to go feral and make a subsequent arse of themselves in the media for which I can happily facilitate no problems 😉 .


The second workshop I am trying to pry open for media observations is the City Centre workshop on July 31.

31 July APC workshop City Centre

Again the logical conclusion I came to is that no confidential information should be discussed as that should have been done in the City Centre Master Plan work two years ago.

In saying that I did push (so now the Advocacy arm of the firm kicks in as I represent clients) for that City Centre workshop to become the City Centres Workshop. Yes City Centres – meaning two City Centres. Those who have been following my work know that I am pushing both personally and on behalf of others for Manukau to become the Second CBD of Auckland.

Thus I am advocating to Council in that City Centre(s) Workshop to give full and frank deliberations over the Manukau concept. And in the name of South Auckland AND democracy the concept of Manukau having been brought up should be discussed in absolute full by the Committee. Failure to do so would give rise to consequences not in favour of the Council – so just saying you owe it in the two names regardless of the final decision


I will let everyone know through Talking Auckland  the results of the enquiries I have sent away. No doubt it should generate some interesting response one way or the other. And these enquiries are in follow-up to my “The Next Steps for the Unitary Plan – All That Feedback and What Happens”     to which I stated:



A thought had come to  mind and I am going to email this to the Council tomorrow. Maybe the media could take a guided tour of the process from: those people codifying on Level 22 (some has seen it already but others not), to a snippet of a workshop (say 30 mins of the workshop in action and nothing confidential being discussed at that particular moment) then the Auckland Plan Committee (which is open any how) where the decisions are finalised up.”

So the media and advocacy arms of the firm are working flat-out for the sake of Auckland to at least pry open some inner dealings of the Unitary Plan



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