The Unitary Plan – Here Comes the First Full APC Committee

First Full Auckland Plan Committee to Deliberate and ‘Steer’ Changes for the Unitary Plan


The Auckland Plan Committee is to meet (as an open meeting) on July 2 to deliberate on the first round of Unitary Plan Workshops (June 19 and 26).

From the Council media release just released:

Directions to guide Unitary Plan changes


The Auckland Plan Committee will meet next week to consider the first set of directions to address issues identified in the draft Unitary Plan.


The directions, based on feedback analysed to date, were proposed by elected members at the first two post-engagement Unitary Plan workshops.


A report outlining some of the key issues identified by Aucklanders as well as the initial directions will be presented to the Auckland Plan Committee on Tuesday 2 July.


The topics covered in the first two workshops and reflected in the report include:

  • Principles for height in local and town centres
  • Principles for height, notification and provisions in the Terrace House and Apartment Building zone
  • Proposed heights, minimum dwelling size and development controls in the Mixed Housing Zone
  • Quality design and notification of development control infringements


Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse, says she is pleased with the progress councillors and local board chairs have made over the past two weeks.


“The workshops have been well attended and there has been very useful discussion from everyone on how to incorporate what we are hearing from our community into the plan.


“Tuesday’s committee meeting is about further discussion and giving staff a more formal go ahead to start incorporating changes into the version of the plan we are developing, ready for notification,” said Penny Hulse.


For further details on the feedback and the next steps in the Unitary Plan process, please see the Shape Auckland site.




I also have here and embedded below the report via an Addendum agenda:


I will write-up a post commentary on the agenda tomorrow morning.

Also remember July 2, 10am at Town Hall – the Auckland Plan Committee meeting discussing the first two Unitary Plan workshops will be open to the public. And yes I will be attending to observe proceedings.


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