The Auckland Plan Committee – Mixed Housing Zones


Time to Decide on Mixed Housing Zones


Tomorrow at 10am in Town Hall the Auckland Plan Committee will be and make decisions (or recommendations) on changes to the Unitary Plan. Those decisions on changes will be specifically in regards to Mixed Housing Zones and the Terrace Housing/Apartment Zone.

I will be tweeting live from the proceedings tomorrow as they happen with a full report to come at end of the day (or Wednesday morning). And Lord forbid 6 hours with that air con drying my eyes out…

I have been going through the APC Addendum for tomorrow to see what is up on the table in regards to the two zones. In particular I am paying attention to the Mixed Housing Zone (mainly because my house sits in such a zone in Papakura). Interesting to see I have noted the that tomorrow the Auckland Plan Committee will consider splitting the Mixed Housing Zone into two sub-options. In short a two storey option and a three storey option.

From the Addendum and out of the 26 June Workshop

24. The following interim direction was generally agreed at the 26 June 2013 workshop in relation
to the Mixed Housing zone:
a. Investigate splitting the mixed housing zone into two sub-zones and investigate options
as follows:

  1. (i) A mixed housing sub-zone, generally located next to the Terrace House andĀ Apartment Building zone and centres;
    1. up to 3 storeys (10m) in height, restricted discretionary consent with designĀ assessment, nonā€“notified; Undertake further work on a possible 11m heightĀ considering practical and architectural merits.
    2. over 10m in height fully discretionary consent, silent on notification
  2. (ii) A mixed housing sub-zone, generally between the above zone and the singleĀ house zone;
    1. 2 storeys (8m) permitted height limit;
    2. over 8m height fully discretionary consent with design assessment, silentĀ on notification.
  3. (iii) Officers to develop a full package of controls for both mixed housing sub-zones including:
    1. – density
    2. Ā landscaping
    3. – height to boundary
    4. – set backs
    5. – site coverage (different between both sub zones)
    6. – neighbourhood character
    7. – infrastructure availability (including community facilities)
    8. – topography
  4. (iv) Investigate opportunities to zone areas of the current Single House zone intoĀ the two storey Mixed Housing sub-zone where there are no heritage orĀ environmental constraints. This requires discussion with local boards at theĀ mapping workshop.


I went and took a look at my own submission and discovered something canny; check this out:

From my Feedback to the Draft Unitary Plan

Page 31

Unitary Plan Zone Ā  BR:AKL Zone Ā  Note
Single House Low Density Under LD1 Sub Zone
Mixed Zone Low and Medium Density Under LD2 and MD1 Sub Zones

Page 42

Refined Definitions of Alternative Zonings for the Unitary Plan


Residential Zones


Zone Type What can be built Notes
Low Standard Density Zone Mostly single family homes to be built. Some infill allowed

Minimum Lot Size 450m2

Two Storeys Maximum permitted, Three Storeys a Restricted Discretionary Activity
Low-Intensive Density Zone Mostly single family homes to be built. More intensive infill allowed

Minimum Lot Size 300m2

Two Storeys Maximum permitted, Three Storeys is a Restricted Discretionary Activity

Apartments and Terraced Housing are non-complying

Medium Classic Density Zone Ranging from single homes through to Walk-Up Apartments and Terrace Housing

Minimum size lot for single house is 300m2

Up to three storeys as permitted activity. Four Storeys is a Restricted Discretionary Activity. Above four storeys is non-complying

Note in regards to definitions and alternatives stemming from embedded blog articles used in this submission:

  • LD1 = Low Standard Density Zone
  • LD2 = Low-Intensive Density Zone
  • MD1 = Medium Classic Density Zone


Canny? Hmm so where does that invoice go to? But, at this point time I believe I can say that there is the situation that Council IS actually paying attention and meaningful changes are coming through the Unitary Plan slowly. Of course there is still plenty of work to go with the UP before it ever becomes operative.

Most of all eyes are all front as the first round of recommendations go through tomorrow the Committee. For one thing it will be GAME ON!



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