ATB’s Congestion Free Network

An Ambitious Idea – But at What Cost?

And by cost I am talking economics of Opportunity Cost.


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I have being quietly observing Auckland Transport Blog launching their “Congestion Free Network” proposal (in coordination with Generation Zero) with two main posts coming out thus far:

From what I am seeing the proposals are pretty good and stuff I can support. Support in the fact most of those ideas put forward by ATB have ended up in a submission or presentation of mine since 2010 (Eastern Highway since 2006).

I also note that ATB and Generation Zero will be campaigning hard especially towards to mayor as we have now entered the formal stage of the Local Government Elections. Although word of advice, that might be a fat-load of good as the proposal needs to go to the Auckland Transport Executive where they will either make or break the idea.


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However a caution is also added to the Congestion Free Network Campaign. Leave the Southern Motorway upgrade between the State Highway 20/1 (Manukau) interchange and Papakura interchange alone. That project has been earmarked as a priority one project by the Prime Minister and is sorely needed and welcomed in the South.

I need not remind people of the bottlenecking and frustrations to commuters and freighters that require State Highway 1 from Manukau heading south every single waking day!

With Manukau and the South due to grow significantly under the Unitary Plan we need State Highway One to be at its functioning best which it is not now! State Highway One is also the sole route out of Auckland heading south so it carries inter-city traffic as well.

So NO TOUCHING the State Highway One upgrade in the south ATB unless you seriously want to go and annoy the bulk of Southern Auckland.

In saying that as a conciliation prize if the Southern Motorway is upgraded quickly it will stave off the Mill Road project which is THE REAL PAIN in the South’s backside.

All eyes are watching

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