Unitary Plan and Red Pen – Oh and a Blank Stare

This Happens When Public Officials Run Around with Red Pens and Maps


Actually who knows what our Councillors, Local Boards and Planning Staff got up to today in their Unitary Plan mapping exercise. If they would like to post some photos that would be really appreciative thanks 😀

But yes they were running around with an actual blue Vivid and colouring pencils doodling on Unitary Plan maps. This in an effort to give “their” opinion on where zones should go. Bit like me when I get the GIS out on the computer and start doodling myself for Unitary Plan ‘work’ – such as below:

Click for full resolution
Click for full resolution

And no the above graphic is not the most extensive doodling I have drawn up on a GIS system.

And so we wait with abated breath to see what our representatives came up with along with the Unitary Plan staff in their blue vivid and colour pencil map doodling attempts.

From the Shape Auckland Website:


More than 130 councillors, local board members and council staff today conducted a joint planning exercise as they worked on housing zones and heights for the Unitary Plan.

Armed with maps for individual local board areas, local board members and councillors suggested changes and improvements to zoning maps based on public feedback and interim directions from councillor and local board workshops over the past few weeks.

Deputy Mayor and Auckland Plan Committee chair Councillor Penny Hulse said that combined workshops with councillors and local boards were proving effective in dealing with key issues.

“Today’s input from such a large turnout of local board members was particularly effective in discussing the location of zones and the heights inside zones in their own areas,” she said.

“These issues have played such a big part in the response to the draft unitary plan. Working together gives us the best opportunity to meet the challenges of population growth, housing supply and choice and creating successful neighbourhoods and communities.”

Key topics workshopped today included:

  • heights in centre zones
  • heights in terrace housing and apartment zones
  • principles for heights in sensitive volcanic view shaft areas
  • suggested new approach for mixed housing areas
  • management of development in the new Rural Urban Boundary, to limit environmental impacts.

A further joint mapping exercise will be held on 2 August.



As mentioned earlier it will be good to see their first attempts.

And as for me well I just obliterated one of my cities and am starting over

Got plenty of planning to do myself over the weekend 😉 😛


Oh and this particular comment I wanted to LOL but, probably wise not to:

Angela Dalton Talking to planners about social environmental impacts from intensification in Clendon/Ratavine and Wiri only got me a blank stare…followed by the statement `but the model says it has to be mixed housing’. #lines on a map

My reply:

Ben Ross Oh dear. COMPULSORY Sim City 4 training for our Planners – this is why our University Planning Schools I often do not hold in high regard 

Rather than let a planner do this, let a Geographer do it, they are trained in Social Environmental Impacts from Stage One to PhD level – yes I am a Geographer


You can see the irony there folks – wish I was there today 😛