Small Victories: THAT Bridge Shelved

THAT (Weymouth-Karaka) Bridge Shelved

And Auckland Plan Committee Moving Towards Corridor Option for the RUB

Oh and Who Says Council is Not Listening – Kay Cee?


Another week and some more victories and concessions from Council with the Unitary Plan. This time in Southern Auckland and its Southern Rural Urban Boundary.

While I had known the result “unofficially” from Council on the Southern RUB option I was waiting on an enquiry from Council to make it “official” and thus publish it. Never mind, Stuff beat me to it in a roundabout way.

From Stuff

Plans for bridge shelved

Last updated 12:45 11/07/2013

Plans for a Karaka to Weymouth bridge have been put back on the shelf for now.


The bridge had been pencilled in as one option in plans to extend Auckland’s urban boundaries for housing in the draft Unitary Plan.


It would have opened up the Karaka area for development and included putting a two-lane highway through the heart of the Weymouth.


In a Unitary Plan workshop with the Manurewa Local Board last week discussing the Rural Urban Boundary, council officers confirmed feedback on the draft plan strongly favoured development along the rail corridor and not westwards towards Karaka North, board chairwoman Angela Dalton says.


That was further endorsed at the Auckland Plan Committee workshop at Auckland Council on Monday.


Mrs Dalton says one of the crucial factors against building the bridge was the cost of developing the roading and public transport infrastructure.


”Council officers said the option, which would include the bridge, would cost approximately $935 million dollars, compared with approximately $300 million for a RUB which would not require the bridge.


”Ultimately, this is what we have been saying all along – that there is no budget for this bridge, there is no need for the bridge if the right planning decisions are made and ultimately the community don’t want or need it,” she says.


These were the options under consideration during the RUB consultation which occurred alongside the wider Unitary Plan debate:



So the Corridor Option (my preferred as mentioned in my submission) but, with the Greenbelt switched from the Paerata end to the Drury end has been endorsed by the Workshop. This leaves out Karaka North and West as well as THAT bridge being shelved.

A special shout out to a certain someone who I won’t mention but was one of the main master-brains behind the Corridor option’s inception. He know’s who he is so my hat off to you sir.


But a nice victory for Karaka and Weymouth in regards to the bridge being shelved and for Wider Auckland with the most suitable Southern RUB option chosen. The option that straddles State Highway 22 and the rail line allowing people efficient and rapid transit options in and out of the area. This also makes the Drury and Paerata Stations as well as electrifying to Pukekohe an urgent priority of Auckland Transport and Kiwi Rail now.


Big shout outs to the following for their tireless effort that led to the final result:

  • Councillors Calum Penrose, Des Morrison and Christine Fletcher
  • Angela Dalton and her Manurewa Local Board
  • Andy Baker and his Franklin Local Board
  • The various Resident Associations and other groups
  • Dubby Henry of Papakura Courier (hey credit due to good reporting on a very emotional issue for us)
  • The Planners who came out and did take quite a lot of heat but least they came out and laid the options out
  • And Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse for steering this through and coming out to Weymouth while the residents were deeply concerned – it does take guts
  • And of course those who put their submissions in. One way or the other they counted!


So it does show despite what Shill Kay Cee of somewhere in Ellersile (?) thinks, Council is paying attention and the Unitary Plan is becoming more structured to the needs of OUR (collective) Auckland.

However, we will have not heard the last from the Karaka Collective and THAT Bridge. They and it will be back with their en-massed resources once the Unitary Plan goes for formal notification soon. But, if we can cross our T’s and dot our I’s in the formal process then the victory earned this week shall be a victory earned for the 21st Century.


Well done everyone though for this victory!


My Submission to the Unitary Plan including my RUB Option Preference



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  1. I know it’s taken me 2 weeks to get around to doing this, but I’m doing it now. I’d like to thank you for your contribution to the efforts to see sanity and reason prevail. Sure I know that many people contributed to the result and I agree with your list of people to be recognised for their contributions, but it’s you I’d like to extend the thanks of the Weymouth Community to. In this day and age manners and decency are of particular importance and to extend this line of thinking, credit must be given where credit is due so you have our recognition and thanks.

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