What Would Happen if Wellington Was Totalled

Serious Question folks in light of the continuing Quakes in the Capital


So while central New Zealand including Wellington continue to suffer from the shakes (thoughts go out to the residents and visitors alike) a thought popped into mind. What back up systems do we have for the “Big One.”

The Big One being a quake that basically totals Wellington, our capital home to Parliament, the National Crisis Emergency Centre (The Bunker), our main financial institutions’ NZ headquarters, the Stock Exchange, National Train Control Centre, and the Cook Strait power cable moves power usually from the South Island to the North Island could all be “out of operation.” In saying that it would take quite a strike to knock The Bunker out of action.

That is quite a bit of national core civic and physical infrastructure concentrated into one geologically vulnerable spot..

So while Civil Defence constantly tells us to “Be Prepared,” I do wonder what preparations we have in place if our civic institutions fail from The Big One.


I remember a mini-doco-drama series screened on TV not so long about Wellington being pretty much flattened by The Big One and subsequent Tsunami and fire damage that followed. While The Bunker remained and Civil Defence operations were under way, you see at the end of the series that Parliament had moved to Auckland. That in end would have pretty much proved a death knell to Wellington and most likely some annoyance to Auckland on the way out. 


So the question is What Back Ups do we have in place?

A question so often ignored until disaster does strike and it becomes “ah crap.”


I would like to take this moment to remind us Aucklanders to make sure your Civil Defence plans are up to date in light of Wellington. While we might not suffer from a 8.0er in a hurry we do have around 52 known volcanoes, two of which are supposedly active and bubbling away under the Gulf. If one decided to let rip we will ALL know about it one way or the other.

So take time and be prepared!


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