Draft Ponsonby Road Master Plan Launched

Sprucing Up Ponsonby Road

And forming a Template for Manukau


Yesterday marked the “launch” of the Draft Ponsonby Road Master Plan after months of preliminary work by the Waitemata Local Board and various stakeholders. The draft Plan outlines an “upgrade” to Ponsonby Road (a main thoroughfare on the north-western fringes of the CBD “area”) making the area more friendly for walkers and cyclists alike.


You can see the 52 page document which is now open for consultation below:


While I believe this draft plan for Ponsonby Road is noble and should be advanced, what got me more interested is the document makes a good template for the Manukau Super Metropolitan Centre project that is beginning to advance.



The Manukau as a the Second CBD of Auckland concept, now advancing as the Super Metropolitan Centre concept can be found in my submission to the Unitary Plan.

In short though the SMC idea for Manukau would involve both small and large projects alike as the Manukau City Centre area evolves through the life of the Unitary and Auckland Plans.

The Draft Ponsonby Road Master Plan’s design (how the document was set out) could be the inspiration in building the Draft Manukau Super Metropolitan Centre Master Plan that would encompass those small and large projects alike.

An example of a large project would be either a large tower being built (18 storeys +) or Westfield doubling or even tripling its floor space for the Manukau Mall to serve a growing and more connected southern population.

An example of small projects advancing is the Auckland Transport Davis Avenue streetscape upgrade seen in this embed below:

Credit and Reference to Auckland Transport for the Davis Avenue webpage (converted into PDF):


The Manukau City Centre area designed around the car is full of these wide roads with wide grass or painted flush medians. These roads can be “upgraded” like the Davis Ave example to raise the active transport connectivity and urban desirability of a transforming Manukau City Centre.

So plenty of inspiration can be drawn from a document and a plan in upgrading a dull City Centre from the 1960s to a living, breathing and fully connected/mobile Super Metropolitan Centre (City Centre for us Joe and Janes).


And in an update on the Super Metropolitan Centre concept, I have a meeting with a couple of Unitary Plan “brokers” to advance the concept into formality and reality (fingers crossed) on Monday. Hopefully I can get a “release” out in the progress made (or not) on the SMC concept and where to from there.

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