Manukau Progressing

The Art and Science of Patience

When advancing projects through the public sector


Small update folks. I had the first in what will be many meetings in the push for both Manukau and the Super Metropolitan Centre concepts. The good news is the project is not a dead duck – meaning not dismissed out of hand. The interesting news – if you do not have the patience in ample supply then the speed of the wheels turning for this project will drive you insane.

The Hare and the Tortoise analogy is going to apply here as the wheels of progress for a #SuperManukau and #BetterAuckland turn slowly. However, as two people said to which I agree 110%:

  • Slow progress, while it can be EXTREMELY frustrating is good, considered progress – and progress nonetheless!!!
  • slow is good. build strong foundations

And to take a parable out of the old Testament: the man who builds his house on the foundation of rock weathered the storms and floods, while the man and who built his house on a foundation of sand was washed away.

Okay I paraphrased it there a bit but, you get the point. Build strong foundations so that it is rock solid against the storms and you shall weather yourself through all the push back that will no doubt occur.


And so the Council and Unitary Planners are receptive to the concept after today’s meeting which was essentially an “introduction” after the submissions and presentations were made.

So where next? Debriefings with clients, the next round of strategising, then the second meeting to continue the progression.


Apologies if I am being vague somewhat here in the post. Full details will come out in time. But, for now discretion is being exercised as confidence is needed to bring more sensitive aspects of the concepts through the cogs of Town Hall. That does and will include Private Property Rights and commercial aspects of the project.


More updates will come through as they happen

#SuperManukau – part of the drive for a #BetterAuckland


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