Unitary Plan Updates – Day 3.1

An Update from Auckland Council


From Auckland Council on the last three days of Unitary Plan proceedings

Council progresses towards Proposed Unitary Plan 

Councillors and local board chairs have wrapped up the first three days of decisions on changes to the draft Unitary Plan. 

Key parts of the plan, including residential zones, affordable housing, business zones, parking, the Port and the City Centre were covered at the meetings. Changes were discussed for each topic and the majority of issues resolved. 

Residential zones were the major focus of the discussions. Decisions were reached on all of the residential changes except for one proposal regarding greater flexibility for density on sites larger than 2,500 sqm in the Mixed Housing Suburban Zone, which will be revisited next week. 

Auckland Plan Committee Chair, Penny Hulse says “We have had three days of robust debate, discussions and decision-making. The involvement of the local board chairs has been extremely valuable in these discussions and I am pleased with the progress we’ve made.” 

Some of the key changes decided at the Auckland Plan Committee meetings included: 

  • Further reclamation for the Port to be a non-complying activity and a stage 2 study to be undertaken
  • Require all residential development of 15 or more dwellings to include at least 10% of dwellings as retained affordable housing
  • On 1200 sqm (or more) sites in the Mixed Housing Suburban Zone, a maximum of one dwelling for every 200 sqm
  • Residential developments of five or more houses will require a six star Homestar energy rating
  • Primary and secondary schools will now have a special purpose school zone


Additional Auckland Plan Committee meetings will continue next week to discuss the remaining issues on the agenda.



Due to the prolonged debate over the Residential Provisions thanks to the now defeated Councillor Hartley/2040 Auckland amendments to the Mixed Housing Zone, we have an extra two days of Unitary Plan proceedings. They are as followed (subject to any other possible updates:

Monday 2 September

The proposed issues for discussion are as follows:

  • Historic Heritage and Special Character
  • Zoning
  • Heights in Centres
  • New Growth
  • Rural

Thursday 5 September:

The Auckland Plan Committee meeting is likely to continue into Thursday 5 September. All remaining issues will be discussed.


I will not be at either of those proceedings at this point and time. However, where possible I will keep an eye via the All About Auckland video feed as I did yesterday.

My own commentary on Day Three’s proceedings will be posted tomorrow.