Census Data Coming Out

Auckland – The De Facto City State?


As I am writing this Statistics New Zealand is releasing the Census 2013 data. This data is critical not only for statistics and Geography boffins like myself but, for National and Local Planners as they decide who and where needs what in the forms of physical and social infrastructure.

Politically and democratically as Stuff is pointing out (http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/9252366/Population-growing-by-31-000-a-year) our electoral layout is determined by our population. I see there will be another electorate added to the North Island as Auckland surges ahead.

Speaking of Auckland I notice the Megalopolis is stripping everyone else in NZ in regards to population and economic growth/investment. That is not bothering me much at the moment but it does raise concerns.

Mayor Len Brown is arguably the third most powerful person in the country behind the Prime Minister, The Deputy Prime Minister (or The Speaker depending on which way you argue things) presiding over a city that is going to be fast holding over a third of the nation’s population and 50% of economic output.

What I am alluding to is the fact Auckland is pretty much just about a de-facto City State within New Zealand with that much concentration of power and output. We are not the Soviet Union nor Red China so we do not force relocate people out of Auckland. We do have to plan properly though for Auckland owing to her growing and rather immense power.

While I will take a more detailed look later I am being serious that sooner rather than later Parliament will need to look at City State provisions for Auckland as a measure to offset the growing imbalance between Auckland and everyone else.

What do you think? Should Auckland become a City State within New Zealand with more suitable governance arrangements for such an affair? Leave your thoughts below


But for now it is time to look over the first batch of Census 2013 data (soon as I can get it)