Final Election Results for Auckland Council is Out

Final Results Out

Deputy Mayor kept busy in the battlefield

Mayor busy organising ready for new Council and its respective committees



Seems today have been a busy day today and for the right reasons rather than the rather sewerage reasons of recent.

This afternoon the final election results in the 2013 Local Government Elections came out for Auckland.

From Auckland Council via Scoop NZ

Auckland Council election final results

Final results for the Auckland Council elections confirm incumbent Mayor Len Brown has been re-elected for a second term with 55,410 votes ahead of his nearest rival John Palino.

On the basis of the final results, in the Whau ward, Ross Clow has beaten incumbent councillor Noelene Raffills by 51 votes.

This means that Mr Clow can no longer take up the position he won on the Whau Local Board. That position will pass to the next highest polling and unsuccessful candidate, Ami Chand.

The results also confirm the preliminary results that incumbent councillors Richard Northey (Maungakiekie-Tamaki) and Ann Hartley (North Shore) lost their seats. The new councillors-elect are Denise Krum for Maungakiekie-Tamaki and Chris Darby on the North Shore.

On the Great Barrier Island Local Board, the preliminary results had a tie for the fifth spot between Christina Spence and Nikki Watts on 208 votes each.

The final result is still tied with 220 votes each. The ballot will now be decided by lot under supervision of the New Zealand Police.

In other close results, in the Waitakere Licensing Trust Ward 1 (Te Atatu), Tracy Kirkley lost by 22 votes to John Tamihere and in the Waitakere Licensing Trust Ward 3 (Waitakere), Judy Lawley lost by two votes to Steve Tollestrup.

There were 1600 special votes, some of them needing to be verified with the Electoral Commission to ensure the voter is enrolled on the electoral roll. This check covered people who have recently moved address, re-enrolled or just turned 18. If they were not enrolled, their vote was not valid. If their vote was valid then it was among the special votes counted.


The results will be published on and publicly notified on 21 October.

An unsuccessful candidate can request a judicial recount. This must be made within three days of the public declaration on 21 October and the application must be made to a District Court judge. The judge must be satisfied that there are reasonable grounds for the recount, which must be undertaken as soon as practicable after the judge receives the application.

The final results for the Mayor are:

Final Result
Issue: Mayor (1) Date: 17/10/2013
Auckland Council Time: 14:06:00
Candidate Affiliation Candidate No Votes Received Rank
BERRY, Stephen Affordable Auckland 101 13650
BRIGHT, Penny Independent 102 11723
BROWN, Len Independent 103 164338 1
BUTLER, Jesse 104 1465
CHEEL, Tricia 105 1214
DUFFY, Paul 106 3083
GOODE, Matthew 107 2116
HUSSEY, Emmett Independent 108 2974
KRUGER, Susanna Susara Independent 109 2173
MINTO, John Mana Movement 110 11591
O’CONNOR, Phil Christians Against Abortion 111 3032
PALINO, John Independent 112 108928
SHADBOLT, Reuben Independent 113 3152
UNASA, Uesifili Independent 114 8040
VERMUNT, Annalucia Communist League 115 856
WILLMOTT, David Roads First 116 1647
YOUNG, Wayne Working for the Homeless 117 3943
INFORMAL 118 1584
BLANK 119 7147



Deputy Mayor been kept busy in the battlefield


The battlefield folks being Auckland. I have noted while the affair over the Mayor has been ongoing our Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse has been out in Auckland tending to events and happenings. I also noted this morning that the Deputy Mayor was up in Orewa this morning checking alongside the Local Board on storm damage to the area after the violent winds Auckland suffered from recently.

Look I be straight, Penny said a city had to be run and she has stepped up very well performing the duties as well – “acting” Mayor (in the field) (while a sewerage problem gets dealt with else where and being a nasty distraction). Kudos and applause to our Deputy Mayor in keeping the city running and will hopefully see Penny tomorrow at the Generation Zero Micro Conference.


Mayor busy organising ready for new Council and its respective committees

However, while our Deputy Mayor (or acting Mayor – in the field) has been busy out in Auckland, our Mayor-Mayor has been busy with the 20 Councillors over the last two days. From what I have gleamed from social media remarks Mayor Len Brown has been meeting Councillors one-by-one discussing aspirations, strengths and of course policy. I would also be at a hazard-to-guess that Committees were discussed as well today as they and the chair of those respective committees get sorted out ready for October 29th.

So busy busy behind the scenes and what often gets missed in the media. The final results are out, our Deputy Mayor has been busy in the field and the Mayor is busy preparing the Council and Committees for the new term ahead. Boring stuff but critical stuff in running the city.


Oh once the full table of results is out I will post it ip.


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  1. Update
    Great Barrier Local Board – Auckland Council election result

    As advised earlier, on the Great Barrier Island Local Board, the final result has a tie for the fifth spot between Christina Spence and Nikki Watts on 220 votes each.

    The ballot will now be decided by lot under supervision of the New Zealand Police.

    This will take place at the Auckland Central Police Station, Crn Cook and Vincent Streets at 9.30am, Friday 18 October (correct date).

    If you wish to cover this, please gather at the entrance/ foyer. Photography will be allowed.


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