Transport Again Number One Issue in Auckland

If it isn’t moving – it is NOT moving


Well this was not particularly surprising at all. What is the number one issue in Auckland?



Go figure


The Herald released a scientific poll this morning showing the main issues to Aucklanders. From the NZ Herald those top issues were:

Transport is Auckland’s big issue

By Mathew Dearnaley 5:30 AM Tuesday Oct 22, 2013

Poor transport remains Aucklanders’ biggest bugbear, eclipsing the shortage of affordable housing.

Herald-DigiPoll survey of 500 Super City dwellers found 43.8 per cent ranked transport as the biggest issue facing Auckland.

It was streets ahead of affordable housing, the chief concern of 17.1 per cent of those surveyed, and balancing the city’s budget (3.4 per cent).

Those were the only three specific issues suggested to survey participants, although 26.9 per cent of those polled volunteered other problems as their chief concerns, including the cost of living (6.1 per cent), Mayor Len Brown’s extra-marital affair (3.3 per cent), rates (3.2 per cent) and a growing population (2.1 per cent).

Concern about transport has eased considerably since a Herald-DigiPoll survey in 2004, when 77.6 per cent of participants said it was the region’s biggest headache.

Public transport improvements have been nominated by 54.6 per cent of participants in the latest poll, taken last week, as the best way to improve Auckland’s traffic problems.

The $2.86 billion underground rail proposal was considered the most important ingredient by 33.9 per cent of those polled, and buses running every 10 minutes at peak times by 20.7 per cent.

Completing the city’s motorway network and building more roads where necessary won top priority from 20.7 per cent and another harbour crossing from 16.2 per cent.

Support for the 3.5km rail link has rocketed from 8.6 per cent of those surveyed by the same polling company before the 2010 local elections, although rail to the airport and to the North Shore were more popular then, before receding in acknowledgement that tunnelling through Britomart must precede any big increase in train services.


You can read the rest over at the Herald site


With the Unitary Plan off the radar at the moment as it goes through formal notification stage I would say that the issue around housing has slipped from the front of people’s minds (but not entirely) for now.


I did see that things in regards Public Transport have improved from 76 odd percent in 2004 to the level now at 43 odd percent. So credit due with the fact our mass transit system is getting there but it still has a long way to go. And Auckland has a very long way to go to achieve something like this:

Commercial area expanding southwards. New Plaza's both above  and underground there. Also note the commuting trends too
Commercial area expanding southwards.
New Plaza’s both above and underground there.
Also note the commuting trends too

Notice the pedestrian, subway and bus commuter counts compared to car count. What it shows that only 25% of the city use their cars to get from A to B with the rest of the city using mass transit or even walking from A to B. For our heavy rail fans the trend is slowing going up from a low base point. This is owing to the fact that this city “tile” is still a relatively young tile compared to the rest of the region. Meaning while the heavy rail has been laid out here, the urban expansion in this tile has not reached the routes yet.

Expanding further on why this tile is subsequently not criss-crossed with heavy rail, this fact is owing that city tile is actually the central core tile of the region. The centre-piece where everything else is built around it. This regional shot better illustrates the point:

The hole where I will design and build the new mega city centre
The hole where I will design and build the new mega city centre


That hole is where I am “rebuilding” the city centre of this mega region. The heavy rail runs around the outer edges of the centre core tile with one line only going through its middle. Primary mass transit facilities for moving around this tile are actually the buses and subway system rather than the heavy rail. Of course there is a High Speed Rail facility as well to allow more intra regional travel.  So that is why the heavy rail indicator will never be as high as the subway indicator. For a dense area forecast to hold 2 million sims in a 16km2 area I think subway might be the better option here.


Anyhow that was a major divergence off topic.


We have a transport issue to be addressed and this term of Council must put every effort into getting it addressed. I often found Death by Committee or Death by Board Reports was the case in the last term of Council and this does need to change.

We have the Congestion Free Network all ready to go. Auckland Transport are also due to release a wider rail strategy in March that had a few surprises in there when I mentioned it in a previous blog post.

Whether you just want to go down the road to your local Town Centre, maybe your nearest Metropolitan Centre, even the CBD and Waterfront for a family day out, or even an effort and quick trip to the airport and back. We need to get cracking with our transport owing to the fact it is still top of the mind of residents and businesses in Auckland.


Just a pity all things are not as easy as they are in Sim City 4 😉