Deeply Saddened Loss of a Fellow Geographer

My Tribute to Hiroki Ogawa who I knew in my Geography years at the University of Auckland

Upon refreshing the Herald website after a Sunday afternoon shopping did I read the tragic news of a fellow University of Auckland Alumni Hiroki Ogawa who died on Mt Taranaki

Hiroki was one of my Physical Geography tutors in my undergraduate years at the University of Auckland (2006-2009). Even though I would graduate specialising in Human Geography Hiroki was one of the tutors I remembered after I left the University and was always a friend who I saw his exploits on Facebook conquering the natural world. It is a bitter twist that the world he studied and loved would be the one to claim him and his climbing partner Ms Nicole Sutton.

My condolences and prayers to Hiroki’s family on a tragic loss. Also my thoughts to the wider School of Environment and University of Auckland as a great researcher and tutor has been lost. My condolences and prayers to the family of Nicole Sutton as well.

Thank you Hiroki for teaching me in those Uni years all things Physical Geography.

Hiroki Ogawa’s loss will be deeply felt by fellow Geographers and Geologists alike – amongst else where as well.

-Ben Ross-

Bachelor Arts in Geography and Political Studies

University of Auckland