Looking at Developing a 21st Century Auckland – Series – Drawing Up Next Post

Drawing Up the Next Post in the Series




As “battles will be won or lost in the suburbs” (Brent Toderian) in regards to urban design and the fact we need to focus outside of our CBD (“The Goal: A complete downtown (sustainable, resilient, lively, healthy and vibrant,); and a COMPLETE City!“) I have in earnest begun drawing up my next post on ‘Developing a 21st Century Auckland‘ – quite literally too.

What I am doing is ‘drawing up a recommended strategy for Manukau’s 21st Century development and how that should be undertaken’ using a combination of Google Sketch Up as well as the old-fashioned pencil and sketching/tracing paper. Furthermore existing work such as previous presentations and submission on the topic will also be drawn all in producing a strategy ready for Council presentation in due time.


The idea being that not only is the end product shown but also the workings and methodology that led to the final product. You see (and as an example) it is all very well showing Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse (chair of the Urban/Rural Development Committee) and Ludo Campbell-Reid (Urban Design Champion) the end product in a presentation, but to “sell it” the workings and methodology need to be show cased just as well. It was a very fine art taught to me in my years at University and is often used or translated into works or presentations I produce. Through the blog I will showcase selected working drawings etc as I work towards the final product.


Below is just some of the workings under way as I draw up the strategy for Manukau’s 21st Century Development, using a combination of previous work, current work and inspirational work from other Urban Design leaders. There are also some pictures for some context in Manukau:


Note: The “drawing up a recommended strategy for Manukau’s 21st Century development and how that should be undertaken” blog post will not contain all final products.


A work in progress folks