Coming Up – The Fort Street Revamp

Fort Street Shared Space Transformation

She’s Looking Good


Coming up tomorrow (Thursday) the transformation of Fort Street from a seedy run-down area in Downtown Auckland to a place of pride, inclusion and bustling activity.

Today I went for a walk with Mayor Len Brown, Auckland Council Design Champion Ludo Campbell-Reid and others as part of a small delegation checking out the transformation of the Fort Street shared space.

Plenty of photos and some interesting highlights will be provided as well in the post tomorrow.


In saying that I’ll display the photos I took today into this post as well as tomorrows for your viewing pleasure. Please note these photos are subject to the standard Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Fort Street and Fort Lane Transformation into Share Spaces

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Full post up tomorrow

And thank you to Auckland Council for inviting me out today to mark the occasion of Fort Street’s transformation into a Shared Space. Very much appreciated and informative of the steps and testimonies given today on the project ranging from the short-term pain of construction through to uplifts in foot traffic and business for the businesses in the area.


Now to get this concept exported right across Auckland from our Metropolitan Centres right down to our Town and Local Centres 😀