First Consent Lodged for Special Housing Area

First Consent Lodged for Weymouth Special Housing Areas


The first consent for the Special Housing Area in Weymouth has been lodged with Auckland Council. From Auckland Council:

First consent application lodged for Auckland’s Special Housing Areas


A community housing provider has lodged the first resource consent application in Auckland’s newly established Special Housing Areas after the Auckland Housing Accord was signed last month.

The development at Waimahia (Weymouth) by Ngā Mana Whenua o Tāmaki Makaurau (the Tāmaki Collective) – Tamaki Makaurau Community Housing Ltd was the first of Auckland’s Special Housing Areas to be announced in October.  These areas will help boost Auckland’s housing supply, including that of quality affordable homes, over the next three years.

The development at 398S Weymouth Road is for up to 300 new dwellings and sites over four years. The first of these will be ready to move into as soon as July 2014, with the entire development scheduled for completion by 2017.  The affordable homes within the development are expected to be priced at between $325,000 and $475,000.

“The development is one of the first outcomes from the recent Tāmaki Collective Treaty settlement and signals the wide ranging leadership role mana whenua will have in the future shape of Auckland,” Tāmaki Collective chair Paul Majurey said.

The Weymouth development is being undertaken through a mana whenua collective whose key focus is to provide high quality housing, all within an affordable price range. The support of the council’s Southern Initiative, the local board and the government has been important in reaching this point.

“We are working to ensure that the Weymouth SHA meets the needs of our community and that adequate infrastructure is in place to meet the needs of any additional residents in the area,” said Angela Dalton, chairperson of the Manurewa Local Board.  “We appreciate the need for additional housing for Aucklanders, especially in the provision of quality affordable housing.”

Developments within SHAs benefit from special consenting and approval processes to speed up developments, such as proactive council pre-application processes, fast-tracked consenting and limited notification and appeals. Most of the dwellings within the SHAs will be built by the private sector. At least 5-10 per cent of these dwellings will be either available to first home buyers or community housing providers.

Tamaki Makaurau Community Housing Ltd’s consent application is for a mix of housing types, matched to current shortages, including smaller two-bedroom units and larger four- and five-bedroom homes. The development also includes 3.7 hectares of parks and reserves.

The land is currently vacant with a good outlook on to the Manukau Harbour. It is zoned Mixed Housing (Suburban) under the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan, which was notified on 30 September.

The Auckland Housing Accord was developed by Auckland Council and the government to increase housing supply in Auckland through a streamlined consenting process. More Special Housing Areas will be announced before Christmas.


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I am taking a guess that we could be looking at between 800-1200 new residents in the Weymouth area of all ages. Looking at the area on the maps the nearest “centre” is Clendon with Manurewa just after that via Weymouth Road. The nearest industrial employment centre is technically Wiri although there is a small industrial centre in Mahia with another larger one being built in Takanini. The nearest Metropolitan Centre is Manukau City Centre itself.

Transit links wise I see Auckland Transport will have the new bus routes and frequencies starting along the Weymouth area from late 2014-early 2015 with the nearest train station being in Manurewa town centre. So there is a risk of adding to the already congestion in the area if the proper mass and active transit systems are not in position prior.


Good to see the first SHA being consented though. Now we wait for the final urban design look for the area and hope the quality is up to scratch regardless of who will be inhabiting the new residences.


Map showing the Special Housing Areas in Auckland