South Auckland gets an early Christmas Present

New Manufacturing, Research and Head Office Facility to open up in Manukau


And who said South Auckland – The Rising Jewel in Auckland’s Crown was not simply possible?

Well it seems South Auckland is continuing to be the rising jewel in Auckland’s Crown with a very wonderful Christmas Present just announced by Sleepyhead this morning.

From Voxy

Monday, 23 December, 2013 – 09:49

Sleepyhead Manufacturing has today announced plans to invest around $45 million in a new state-of-the-art 40,000m2 manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facility in Manukau as a base for its Auckland bedding, foam and flooring manufacturing operations.

Sleepyhead has purchased a 9.2-hectare site next to the Vodafone Events Centre to build an Australasian ‘centre of excellence’ for its bedding business, which it hopes to have operational in 2017.

Sleepyhead Joint Managing Director, Craig Turner said the investment will create new jobs and bring together its existing 400-strong workforce from the company’s Otahuhu and Avondale operations.

“We’ve already started the centre of excellence strategy at our existing sites, which will create 40 new jobs in the next three years as we transition to the new facility.”

“The new centre will have a state-of-the-art Research and Development facility. It will also create new manufacturing jobs in Auckland as we boost exports of our products to markets like China – where we now export beds and specialist bedding foam. Our exports into China are already worth several million dollars and we expect them to double year on year, creating more jobs in Auckland.

“The new facility will also be the Head Office for our operations, sales, marketing and finance teams who support the New Zealand market and our expanding operations across Australasia. We’re proud to make New Zealand our main service centre for Group operations.”



So Sleepyhead are consolidating their Avondale and Otahuhu sites into the centralised Manukau site – while still creating even more jobs. Fair enough with the Otahuhu facility being constrained by competing land uses around it. Thus expansion there will not work. I take it Avondale is the same. So sensible economics is at play here 😀

The two sites for the facility are here:

Sleepyhead manufacturing and logistic site
Sleepyhead manufacturing and logistic site
Sleepyhead Head Office and possibly research site
Sleepyhead Head Office and possibly research site

The two sites sit on Mixed Use Zones at the south-eastern end of Manukau. The sites do not not affect Vodafone Events Centre precinct which is directly to the north of the Sleepyhead sites. This means the precinct will still be available for the wider South Auckland community for whatever purpose Council decides to do with them. We also still have land being held by the Ministry of Health at the Super Clinic site that could be flipped over to community facilities as well.  So community facilities are not in any way affected by the new Sleepyhead facilities.


Continuing from Voxy

Turner said the company had been looking for a suitable site in Auckland to create its new headquarters following the purchase of Dunlop Living in West Auckland in 2011. The consent, design and build process is expected to take up to 3 years.

“By that time, the Waterview tunnel and new Manukau Train Station is scheduled to be open making travel to the new site convienient for our West Auckland staff.”

Turner said the investment would create an important manufacturing hub in the area providing local jobs during development and “long-term manufacturing jobs for Aucklanders into the future”.

The Turner brothers have been strong supporters of manufacturing in New Zealand, investing in their operations here while others have moved off-shore. With a new Christchurch facility just opened and the plans for the new Auckland hub announced, Turner says Sleepyhead is on a growth path in 2014. “The New Zealand economy has been well-helmed over the past few years to navigate safely through the GFC and its fallout. We think the economy’s in good hands, in good shape and this has given us the confidence to make this major investment in New Zealand.”

“We are forecasting strong growth for our New Zealand operations over the next two years as our retail partners and kiwi consumers show strong support for our Sleepyhead, Sleepmaker and Dunlop Foam and Sleepyhead Flooring branded products.”

The concept for Sleepyhead’s new Auckland manufacturing base would be similar to the Melbourne facility completed in 2010, which the company also created on a green-fields site. It will produce mattresses, bed bases, foam for beds and the furniture, marine and healthcare industries, carpet underlay and consumer foam products such as pillows where Sleepyhead is New Zealand’s largest supplier.

The site will be up and running in 2017. Just in time for the Waterview connection and with luck the Manukau Rail South Link, as well as the Super Metropolitan Centre work in Manukau City Centre with the Unitary Plan by then in operation.


At a guess we could be looking at at-least 600 jobs total at the Sleepyhead facility with possibly even more in the long-term. We know industry (rather than commercial) is where the dollars and economic outputs (including dollars in the pocket) are. Sleepyhead will reinforce and strengthen the Wiri/Manukau industrial engine room with the spillover effects being translated into Manukau and the wider area.

Meaning? Increase economic activity and spend in the Manukau City Centre area – and on those grounds Council MUST GET CRACKING with the Manukau Super Metropolitan Centre concept and subsequent urban renewal. The investment is coming through our industry and we need to support that through quality urban renewal investment in the commercial/retail hub of the Manukau City Centre.

Finally from Voxy

The 9.2 hectare site is situated at 834 Great South Road and 10 Pacific Centre Drive, next to the Vodafone Events Centre and Auckland’s Southern Motorway.


The maps are above.


Hmm area is right next to the Manukau Sky Train – White/Grey Line loop – if it was to ever be built

Manukau Loop
Manukau Loop

Thank you Sleepyhead for a very nice Christmas Present in your investment in South Auckland 🙂