2013/2014 Summer Series #4.1

The Talking Auckland Summer Series


 The Talking Auckland 2013/2014 Summer Series, a collection of photos, quips, and light stories from around Auckland over the ChristmasNew Year run. Normal Talking Auckland commentary will resume from 13th January, 2014.


Summer Series Post #4.1

Manukau City Centre

Finally I get around to getting the rest of the Manukau pictures so I can finish of the original Summer Series Post 4.0 from a fortnight ago.

These photos will also be used for reference pictures for my continued Manukau Super Metropolitan Centre Work.

Apologies for my finger getting in the way of some shots as well 😦

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This will be the last of the Summer Series posts with normal blogging commentary to resume on Monday.

Hope everyone is rested up for 2014 as it is going to be a big year ahead for Auckland. Lots of plans to consult on as well as a City to be actually built.


Monday I will have the first stream of blog posts up and ready as we head into the 2014 year