And Back

Normal Commentary Resumes


Welcome back everyone, hopefully your summer break was a good one and that you managed to get some R&R despite our dodgy weather. Mine was a relaxing one even though I stayed in the big City (as Rebekka and I take our out-of-Auckland holiday later in the year) and I can say I am all fired up ready to go for 2014.


And it is going to be a big year for the City with the following to happen:

  • Central Elections (although it could be a snore if the nation “expects” National to pick up its third term – which it is on track to do so at the moment)
  • Unitary Plan submissions due end of February with the Commissioners starting their hearings soon after
  • Area Plans start later this year with the draft time-table coming out next month
  • Integrated Transport Plan and Long Term Plan drafts come out later this year for our consideration and submissions
  • Local Board Plans are released for our consideration and submissions
  • Annual Plan is due to be released for submissions soon (heads up as that has a short time frame for submissions)
  • Congestion Free Network comes up for major deliberation as the Integrated Transport Plan is released for submissions
  • First stage of the Manukau Super Metropolitan Centre work will be getting under way
  • And what to do about the Cycling question which has wider implications to our urban design and transport planning


Talking Auckland will be there in the box seat continuing the commentary, analysis and alternative proposals as we move our way through 2014. All of the above points are going to be contentious one way or the other and no doubt spark debates, counter-debates and the odd-march of the NIMBY’s (such as the poorly written piece yesterday spotted at Whale Oil).


I will also later in the year share my own experiences with Town Hall and pass on some of the “wisdom” gained from the last four years to readers here. Actively participating with Council can be mind-numbingly slow and frustrating some days but also can be rewarding as well. And the more active participation we get in the City the more the City acts in a tight-knit community (and also lessen the impact of scaremongering campaigns).


First full posts for the year are coming up soon starting with New South Wales and their NIMBY problems. Seems they have the exact same issues we do here in Auckland including political make up at local, state and federal levels.

2014-01-10 14.52.19
Looking from Hayman Park down Amershan Way towards Westfield Manukau Mall.