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Alternative View to the CRL Question


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To illustrate an alternative view-point in regards to the City Rail Link I have copied over a Letter to the Editor from the Weekend Herald.

Auckland’s CRL – letter in today’s NZ Herald puts the funding into perspective
15 February 2014 at 07:42

Well constructed and thought out letter. Looks like 2020 is firming up as the start date.
Rail link offer
According to Brian Rudman, the Government is now faced with a quandary over Len Brown’s “no brainer” offer to bring the rail link forward.
The Government needs to not so much as “override local democracy” on this one, as protect Auckland ratepayers from malfeasance on the part of its leaders.
If this project goes ahead, Aucklanders will be wondering a few years down the track whatever happened to the rail patronage forecasts and the promised reductions in traffic congestion. Not to mention their rates bill.
The cost of subsidy for every commuter rail trip will be in the order of 20 cents per person for each kilometre of travel; double this if capital costs are included.
It is lunacy to think that spending public money in this way will reduce traffic congestion compared to roads, for which the subsidy works out at well under 1 cent per person km of car travel (when the true costs of heavy vehicles are correctly netted out).
Philip G. Hayward, Naenae
NZ Herald, letter to the editor, 16 Feb 2014



I have offered Phil a guest post spot and the invitation is open to others no matter what your view-point is. Debate is good and healthy. Flaming and attacks are not. One-sided debates are most certainly NOT healthy!

Just of note on who reads this blog; the readership is small compared to our top five in NZ but it is kept an eye on by the movers and shakers in Auckland.


Also to kick-start another debate I will be posting the final version Unitary Plan submission on Wednesday to the blog. Support Services gave my submission the once over on Saturday which was worthwhile and I thank Council and NZPI for providing the service. The guts of the submission is good but needs some clearing up to make my points not 100% clear but 1000% clear to the Commissioners. So quite happy for where I have got the submission thus far.