4,260 Submissions and Counting

Meanwhile there were only 1,947 Annual Plan Submissions


The numbers are rather telling with a bit of an imbalance with the two different submissions.

From Shape Auckland on the Unitary Plan


More than 4,260 submissions on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan have now been registered, with many more to come. As expected, the majority of submissions came in on the last week of the five-month submission period: through the online form, by email, by post or through libraries and council service centres. The closing date was 5pm on Friday 28 February.

Given the statutory process of individually registering each one, and assessing for duplicates or additions to original submissions, the tally won’t be known until closer to the end of the month.

Once registered, Auckland Council staff will go through each submission to summarise what decisions are being asked for. This is an extensive process, but we are aiming to be able to publish the summary, along with a full, searchable set of the submissions, online by the end of May. This will then start the process of further submissions.

As for further submissions

Further submissions

The five-month submission period for the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan ended at 5pm on 28 February 2014. The council will publish all submissions online by the end of May, along with a summary report of the decisions requested in them. The submissions will be indexed and searchable by submission number, name, local board, and theme. The summary report will be publicly notified, marking the start of the further submissions period. During this period, people will be able to respond to the decisions requested by submitters, by stating either their support or opposition to particular points raised.

We will publish further details about this process closer to the time.



Meanwhile with the Annual Plan (annual budget):

Source: Mark Thomas of Orakei Local Board

Over consulted again or bad timing having two submission periods together with Area Plan submissions to start soon as well…