Generation Zero Continues Advocacy for City Rail Link

One Applauds Youth being Engaged


In less than 30 minutes (from when this post goes up) the Prime Minister and the Minister of Transport will be officially launching “electrification” at Britomart Station – a project started with reluctance as Project DART under the previous Labour regime (1999-2008). I am not sure with the PM or the Minister might tact something else onto the announcement after Tweets from Transport Blog alluded to such a possibility.

Generation Zero has released a presser a short while ago commenting on our electrification project and the next step in regards to our heavy rail system.


Next Step for Government is a commitment to the Congestion Free Network

The next step for the Government is a commitment to the projects in the Congestion Free Network after the electrification of the rail network is complete and opened by the Prime Minister at Britomart today, says youth organisation Generation Zero.

Spokesperson, Dr Sudhvir Singh, explains “To get the best return on electrification we need to continue investing in Auckland’s public transport network. The Congestion Free Network is the best way for Auckland to achieve its goal to be the world’s most liveable city, providing a high frequency public transport service around the region with a ‘turn-up-and-go’ rate of at least every ten minutes.”

The group today will send a message to the Prime Minister at the event holding signs saying ‘Auckland need’s the Congestion Free Network’. Dr Singh; “We want to make sure the Prime Minister understands that there is real public demand for better public transport in Auckland and that now is the time to capitalise on this demand. Over the last year, for the first time we have reached more than 11 million trips on the rail network which continues the recent trend of strong patronage growth, justifying stronger investment.”

The Government has recently confirmed that it will not commit funding to the City Rail Link before 2020. Dr Singh, “By delaying the City Rail Link the Government is restricting economic development by slowing down the redevelopment of central Auckland and limiting transport choices. The Government should follow demand, and invest in the City Rail Link as soon as possible and not wait to meet some arbitrary patronage goal.”

Dr Singh, “A commitment to the City Rail Link and subsequently the Congestion Free Network would mean that by 2030 Aucklanders would have a complete network providing them genuine transport choices.”



The Congestion Free Network and what it means can be found here: Congestion Free Network

I support the CFN albeit with some minor changes in including the Manukau Rail South Link (we learn its fate mid-year) and the possibility of the Botany Line Sky Train (Auckland International Airport’s 30 year Vision)


A reminder our current Government has the City Rail Link on a construction start date in 2020 although that can be brought forward if certain conditions were being me (one currently is). More on the Government’s current stance can be seen here: 11 Million Rail Passenger Trips


I will post any further commentary from the announcement as soon as something (of note) comes to light