A Green and Walkable Manukau – Intro

Rising to Brent Toderian’s Challenge


One the 28th of March I saw this Tweet and subsequent challenge from Brent Toderian who is currently in New Zealand:


I replied straight back my answer to the challenge

That got a Favourite from Toderian who recognised the challenge I laid down for myself. So this morning I opened up Sketch Up on my existing Manukau work and looked at how I could make this up and coming Super Metropolitan Centre “Green” and ‘Walkable.”


Manukau City Centre Area
Manukau City Centre Area

For the most part the foundation is already laid with:

  • a grid like street pattern
  • main arterials AROUND the Manukau City Centre rather than through the middle of it (apart from Manukau Station Road on the southern flank)
  • good road, bus, and a reasonable rail connection(s) to the rest of Auckland
  • large surface parking lots (taking upwards of 60% of land space) that can be converted to something more economically and socially productive
  • Wide roads with wide grass or flush medians that can be easily retrofitted like Davis Avenue is at the moment
  • surrounded by a large residential population base
  • next door to the Wiri Industrial Complex (employment base)
  • Has tertiary institutions, and a good foundation with its commercial base


Cue next the “pencil” context drawings to give a “frame-work” on improving the Manukau City Centre Area (click to enlarge):


Then on the MK 3 Sketch Up mock-ups to see what can be adapted to facilitate Manukau being both green and walkable. This is what I got for Manukau Redevelopment MK4 – A Green and Walkable Super Metropolitan Centre:

Click for full resolution


And finally the starting of the Botany Sky Train mock-up at the Manukau City Centre section of the proposed Sky Train network

Manukau with Sky Train 2 sky train

Click for full resolution


The Botany Sky Train proposal (ideally the Airport-Manukau-Botany sections completed by 2030) is explained in my Light Rail and Urban Renewal post.

Manukau Loop
Airport-Manukau-Botany Sky Train Line + Manukau Loop


I will keep working away at this through out the month and showcase the progress as it happens.

None-the-less the challenge set down by Brent Toderian I have accepted. Sure it is not the Isthmus nor the CBD but Manukau is our second tier centre that is both South Auckland and the northern Waikato’s “regional” hub – the two areas forecast to under go some of the largest growth over the next 30 years. And as #SuperManukau is our hub serving that forecast growth area I think it needs and can be a great example of what a #AucklandWalkand Centre can be like.

Now to get the Council on-board and more proactive about the challenge