A Botany Line Sky Train Station

A possible mock up of a “large” Sky Train station


Today I have being playing around in Sketchup drawing up an MK1 version of a large Sky Train station for the Botany Line.

In brief recap the Botany Line was designed to be a heavy rail line from the Manukau Station all the way to Botany Town Centre before terminating at Panmure Station where the trains would rejoin the existing Eastern Line. Furthermore the Botany Line was designed to be extended as part of the southern Airport Line connecting Manukau to the Airport via Wiri and State Highway 20B. The southern Airport Line would have then joined the planned northern Airport Line that is to connect the Airport to Onehunga Station and continue on to Britomart via the existing Onehunga Line. However, the mechanics over the last ten years have made running a heavy rail line from the Airport to Manukau, Botany and Panmure (so the Botany Line) just about impossible to do without major costs and complications. Those complications being both the Wiri Junction which is complex as is without a flyover, and the Manukau Station which is not future proofed for extended out to Botany and Panmure.

Enter the Botany Line Sky Train.

The Botany Line Sky Train is a proposal to use the Vancouver Sky Train model and translate it over to the Botany Line here in Auckland. The Botany Line Sky Train would be an elevated light rail line (with stations) running from the Airport to Panmure via Manukau and Botany Town Centre. This map shows the proposed indicative route of the Sky Train line proposal I drew up:

The Botany Line Sky Train Route
The Botany Line Sky Train Route

The Line is divided into four parts to allow modular building section by section over a period of time (for example 25 years) rather than all at once. The Airport-Manukau section would be built first, the Manukau-Botany, Botany to Panmure, and finally a Manukau/Manukau City Centre Loop (if demand warrants it). Of course a key challenge is Auckland International Airport’s expansion plans and how the Sky Train would subsequently mould into the upgraded airport complex.


As I mentioned above the Botany Sky Train Line would be modular. Meaning the track and station components are universal and can be built off site before being transported to their respective positions along the proposed line.

For the stations I was thinking of have two station classes with two sub-classes for each class. The classes and sub classes would be:

  • Standard Station (60 metres long by 34.25 metres wide by 19 metres high from ground level to roof pinnacle (station platform is 7 metres above ground level))
    • 2 central entrances
    • 4 corner entrances
    • Sky Bridge
    • One set of lifts for each platform
  • Small Station (60-63 metres long by 28 metres wide by 19.5 metres high (station platform is 7 metres above ground level))
    • 2 Central entrances
    • 4 corner entrances
    • No sky bridge
    • Lifts on all entrances

I could draw a ‘Large Station’ to handle three platforms (the small and standard are only two platforms) that could be seen on the Great South Road section between the intersections of Te Irirangi Drive and Manukau Station Road to allow the facilitation of the Manukau Loop in the future. Something to look at later.

Below is the mock-up of the MK1 version of a Standard 4-entrance Sky Train Station with a Small 4-entrance station as a comparison. This Standard class of Sky Train Station I have located between the Countdown entrance of the Manukau Mall and the entrance to Rainbows End – both on Manukau Station Road.

The MK1 mock-up


I have not done the micro detailing yet such as escalators, lighting, HVAC (ventilation), toilet blocks, ticket machines, gate lines, landscaping etc. These will be done much later on in the Manukau Metro Town Centre project.


A slide show of the above pictures

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Attribution for the Athens Pocket Park that has been used in the Manukau Metro Town Centre Mock Up: http://land8.com/photo/athens-urban-park-exparking/next?context=user

Must get this project ‘tested” and see if I should present it to the Council as a long-term project.


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    1. I shall produce some mock ups of Island type elevated sky train platforms. The only concern was that it would put the platform directly over the medians of the road below resulting in either Sky Bridges or pedestrians having to cross the road (that said they have to with the Standard Station class any way.

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