White Water Rafting Will Always be a Bad Decision

But Manukau as a Tourism spot? I can see that happening


I am of two minds on the Stuff article that mentions the White Water Rafting facility, and the tourism potential the Manukau and Manukau City Centre area.

I still hold the same views and hostilities towards Auckland Council granting the money ($32 million) towards a venture that private enterprise should have done on its own (if it is viable as the messages from the Mayor’s Office are true). That $32 million should have been either returned in rates savings to the ratepayer, or if to be spent divided up between the Local Boards for their own (and often needed) projects. As I have said before if the White Water Rafting venture is that viable then why can’t private enterprise embark on the venture on its own like Rainbows End. The answer most likely will be that it can not without ratepayers subsides for most likely a decade if not more.


As for Manukau increasingly becoming a tourist destination within Auckland? Well entertainment capital as the Mayor said maybe not but as a prime entertainment and tourist destination – that is something Manukau can definitely do 😀

From Stuff

Activity starts at whitewater rafting complex

Manukau new tourist hotspot?


Last updated 05:00 01/05/2014
raft complex

RAPID DESCENT: An artist’s impression of the planned whitewater rafting complex in Manukau. Credit; From Stuff article: http://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/local-news/manukau-courier/9992611/Activity-starts-at-whitewater-rafting-complex

Building a whitewater rafting complex next to the Vodafone Events Centre will put Manukau on track to becoming the entertainment capital of Auckland, mayor Len Brown says.

Earthworks have begun on stage one of the $60 million complex to get ahead of any possible delays caused by winter weather.

Construction of the first stage, with a price tag of $32m, will begin at the end of the year and is expected to be finished in early 2016.

It will feature two rafting and kayaking courses, a 1ha pond and a 600-seat function centre.

Couple that with a new ride at Rainbow’s End and plans for the Te Papa North museum and Manukau will be a tourist mecca, Brown reckons.

Making the rafting complex successful will allow it to be used for free by local kids, Counties Manukau Pacific Trust chief executive Richard Jeffery says.

“We’re aiming to get 15,000 children through the small course and 35,000 rafters through the big course every year.”

The sale of 9.2ha of council land netted $20m which was put towards the project. The trust has raised half of the $12m extra required to build the first stage and it is confident the goal can be achieved.

Jeffrey says the business plan and the design have been peer-reviewed and passed with flying colours.

It’s being built in stages so plans can be altered if there are any unforseen problems .

“I think one error we made was that when we first announced the plan to build the complex, we put forward the whole design as one big plan rather than breaking it up into stages. This way it’s much easier to digest, both for investors and the public.”

The next four stages include plans for an art gallery, exhibitions on biology and Pacific migration and a cafe.


So they plan to build this facility that seems to have sprouted an art gallery, exhibitions on biology and Pacific Migration all which I thought would be in the Te Papa North facility next to MIT on the other side of Manukau. Or more to the point those things SHOULD BE incorporated into Te Papa North…


As for Brown saying: “Couple that with a new ride at Rainbow’s End and plans for the Te Papa North museum and Manukau will be a tourist mecca;” well the Mayor and I have the same idea but different ways around achieving the particular goal he mentioned.

Cue the Manukau Super Metropolitan Centre, and its pre development strategy already to go for the City Transformational Unit


A quick mock-up of the different precincts that Manukau could be divided into (although already has under the Unitary Plan per se) when the Manukau Super Metropolitan Centre work gets under way:

Manukau Areas
An idea for the different Manukau precincts within in the Manukau Super Metropolitan Centre and its immediate surrounds.



Manukau Redevelopment Context Annotated MK1
Manukau Redevelopment Context Annotated MK1

The Manukau Redevelopment Context Annotated MK1 can now be adapted into the MK2 version to incorporate the proposed precincts. Something to work on later.


So yes Manukau can become a prime tourism spot in Auckland I have no doubt over that. What I have doubts over was that $32 million going where it shouldn’t have gone.



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  1. It’s not only what council have put up front but also the future subsidising that is going to occur via the local board for local kids. This will be an ongoing ratepayer drain. Look up your local board details for this.

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