Unitary Plan Second Submission Round to Start June 11

Over 9000 submissions, next round to start mid June

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How will Metropolitan Centres develop through the life of the Unitary Plan Picture: northern Manukau City Centre from the Auckland Transport Ronwood Avenue Parking Building


The Council Unitary Plan Committee resolved on Wednesday to notify thus begin the second submission round on June 11, 2014.

From Auckland Council

Over 9000 Unitary Plan submissions soon to go online


The Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan received over 9,000 submissions containing more than 100,000 individual requests for changes, the Unitary Plan Committee heard at yesterday’s meeting.

The submissions and a summary of the decisions requested by submitters will be notified on 11 June and available to search online at aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/unitaryplan 

People will then have 30 working days to make a further submission if they are a person with an interest greater than the general public or are persons that represent a matter of public interest.

Some of the more than 9,000 submissions received contain only one page, but others cover many hundreds of complex changes to the proposed plan. 

Hard copies of summary of the submissions will be available at most libraries and council offices. Individual submissions can be downloaded from the website after June 11 or will be made available on request.

Online information will be available for searching by submission number, submitter name, street name and address, and by topic such as rezoning, residential zones, heritage, overlays, urban growth, rural zones and transport.

The most frequently addressed topic in submissions is rezoning in the central city and isthmus. 

“The summary report is a further step on the Unitary Plan journey and is the largest report of its kind under the Resource Management Act,” said committee chair Councillor Alf Filipaina. “Input from the public and from our Local Boards is key to securing a successful outcome for the city’s future.”

He added: “All submissions and further submissions will be considered by the Independent Hearings Panel which will conduct hearings until July 2016 when it makes its final recommendations to the council.”


Hmmm I wonder if I am eligible to make a further submission per the requirement set above in bold dark blue. Might need to ask and find out.

Otherwise we await the Hearings Panel to begin later on this year.