Manukau City Centre Master Plan

City Centre has one, now time to get our two Super Metropolitan Centres one



Davis Avenue Boulevard under construction
Davis Avenue Boulevard under construction and now six months behind schedule in opening as of today. This picture was taken in January 2014

I consider this more of a place holder for myself with my next project for the rest of this year. It could also be seen as giving Auckland Council and its City Transformation Unit who are meant to be down here overseeing the eventual redevelopment of Manukau City Centre.


Just as the City Transformational Unit is overseeing the City Centre Master Plan, we should be seeing a Manukau City Centre Master Plan from the City Transformational Unit coming out rather soon. Then again if we are to draw up and execute the Manukau City Centre Master Plan properly I think we might need to take heed from what was said in the Significant Policy Engagement workshop that was held last month (and in which I attended):

How can we ensure you can participate in council decision-making in a way that suits your needs? 

Feedback Implications / actions
Use the Local Boards They are the local eyes and ears into the community – they need more power and funding.  Their profiles should be raised so people know that they are the first port of call for people wanting to contact Council.  They are best placed to hear all voices.  Accessible to all areas.  They need a bigger profile. Rather than Governing Body to LB to Citizens – it should be Citizens to LB to GB!
Bottom-up Planning Letting the community decide how to tackle issues and problems – esp. those effected In some cases they could be writing the policy or plan

A big ask for the Council I know but going bottom up with the MCCMP could deliver outcomes “more accepted” by the wider community.

As for the Local Boards the Manukau City Centre falls in Otara/Papatoetoe’s Local Board area although Manurewa Local Board has strong links to Manukau as well.


The Manukau City Centre Master Plan [place-holder]


The MCCMP would (hopefully) build from this:


The other Super Metropolitan Centre is Albany by the way


The question is why am I giving a more concerted push with the Manukau City Centre Master Plan? Feedback both through private and public channels. That feedback being on the same theme of: “too much going to the CBD/City Centre and very little if nothing to the other centres in the rest of Auckland.” These centres include both the Metropolitan and Town Centres.

I know the Area Plans are slowly kicking off that will deal with in the futures of the Town Centres however, apparently there is a resource issue in getting these plans under way. As for the Metropolitan Centres we could be seeing similar issues with lack of resources stalling the City Transformational Unit with Manukau, and other plans for the rest of the Metropolitan Centres.

This all said support towards the Council from the feedback I am gauging is fast evaporating with the perception (and reality) of a high concentration of resources heading to the City Centre but not to the Town Centres, Metropolitan Centres and (for consistency) the two Super Metropolitan Centres. If support evaporated entirely then Council might have tough sells with future large (and even) small-scale projects.


So come on Council let’s get things moving a bit faster than they are with wider Auckland City Building!


From Hayman Park to Manukau City Centre
From Hayman Park to Manukau City Centre