Public Transport Fares Simpler and for HOP Users Cheaper (in most cases)

Auckland Transport Simplifying Fares. More Incentives for AT-HOP.


Yes the sole machine was out of order, however tech support had been notified 10mins earlier
Yes the sole machine was out of order, however tech support had been notified 10mins earlier


From Voxy:

Auckland public transport fare changes

Friday, 13 June, 2014 – 15:04

Auckland Transport has completed its Annual Fare Review which sees ticket prices on buses, trains and ferries change from July 6. From that date adults who use the AT HOP card for their travel will receive a 20% discount off the single trip adult cash fare (excluding NiteRider, Airbus Express and Waiheke ferry services). Child and tertiary AT HOP users will also continue to receive discounts on most services, when compared to the equivalent cash fares. In contrast most cash fares for bus and train and some cash fares for ferry will increase (some AT HOP fares for ferries will also increase).

Auckland Transport Chief Executive David Warburton says the annual review takes into account operator cost increases (e.g. fuel and wages), revenue and patronage movements. He adds that Auckland Transport is also undertaking a strategic review of all public transport costs and pricing, due to be completed towards the end of the year. “Public transport must be seen as a viable alternative to the car if Auckland is to even begin to resolve its transport problems”, he says. “By making travel even more attractive on the AT HOP card we are hoping more people will switch to public transport.”

In March there was a jump in the number of people using public transport in Auckland with 7.3 million trips, an increase of 3.9% on March last year. The financial year to March also saw strong growth overall with just over 71 million trips.

In addition to an increased discount on AT HOP Auckland Transport will remove the 25 cent top-up fee and reduce the minimum top-up amount on the card from $10 to $5, both from July 6. The card itself will also remain at $5 until at least 31 January 2015.

From July 6 when the new fares are implemented, cash fares will be in 50 cent multiples which will reduce cash handling on buses in particular (with the exception of the City LINK child cash fare which will remain at 30 cents). Mr Warburton has also signalled that Auckland Transport hopes to move to implementing an exact fare/no change given policy in the future and will investigate the potential of removing cash fares altogether, as has recently been introduced in Sydney.





From Auckland Transport

Example annual savings

Annual savings for an adult taking 2 trips a day on a train or bus on 220 weekdays a year. Actual savings depend on personal circumstances, so actual savings may vary. The savings figures do not take into account the cost of buying an AT HOP card.

1 stage $2.00 $1.60 $176.00
2 stage $4.00 $2.95 $462.00
3 stage $5.00 $4.00 $440.00
4 stage $6.00 $4.80 $528.00
5 stage $7.50 $6.00 $660.00
6 stage $8.50 $6.80 $748.00
7 stage $9.50 $7.60 $836.00
8 stage $10.50 $8.40 $924.00



More on fares can be found here:Ā


A note that Monthly, and Tertiary Passes are not changes. This will be owing to their discount levels compared to cash already being around the 38%-40% mark.


Excellent progress from Auckland Transport indeed. Next step is integrated fares (zonal fares) and restoration of the passes like the Family Pass to across the entire network (not just ticket offices).