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Pays to check in advance


So Auckland Transport has a nice “little” launch for their new Travelwise program in which the Mayor was attending and even speaking to the gathering. Well in his presentation this happened:


Oh dear someone cue the crickets…

I do not know what is more sad?

The fact no one put their hand up which shows as an indictment from our transport failings over the last 25 years, or someone forgot to check prior to the Mayor asking that rather embarrassing question…


Oh if you are wondering why I have not been forgiving a particular department of Auckland Transport (no not the Planning and Strategy division which I have never had issues with and actually enjoy a good relationship with) this week then check this in response to the shuttle situation from the AT CEO and see why:


Update: I was writing this up this happened outside the Travel Wise event:

Hopefully and by the looks of it the cyclist is okay. But with the cyclist in a bus lane where cars shouldn’t technically be and wearing hi-viz and still gets hit by a car you wonder why children do not cycle to and from school.


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