In a #BetterNZ a True Centre Right Government Would….

Not Announce a $212 regional road package that should have been ho hum standard work any way


Freighter in stabling yard facing south
Freight Train waiting to proceed through Papakura

If the Government wasn’t proceeding with its rather bankrupting Roads of National Significance program (apart from the Western Ring Route) that is consuming all the money budgeted in the National Land Transport Fund that would have covered the regional road package under normal circumstances. That is all done within ten years and maybe a little sooner with a little top up from the assets sale fund.

But no we get an announcement yesterday of a regional roading package that is being paid for from the proceeds of the asset sell down of the power companies that happened recently.

Forgive me if I don’t quite see National (who are meant to be business savvy) not quite budget savvy there to the point it smacks of Australian Federal Political pork-barrel politics. Something the regions do not exactly need with most of those projects both viable and needed. Note I said MOST. Transport Blog did an outline of the package in their post here: Government announce regional road spend up.



A true Centre Right policy (and the Americans do this) would have been:

1) Triple track from Westfield to Pukekohe, Double track from Pukekohe to Hamilton and back out to Port of Tauranga

2) Allow Fonterra and Port of Tauranga to run their own trains. Kiwi rail get income from reasonable track access fees


But alas New Zealand can continue to dream while places like the USA that includes conservative Republican states (Texas any one), and conservative led New South Wales up their investment in things like mass transit and freight rail infrastructure.

#TeamKey seems to have missed the err train here compared to his overseas conservative cousins. Or #TeamKey on the wrong road…