Knackered (Done In) $68.20 for a Family Day Out

And we wonder why people do not take public transport, as well as having well-being issues


Yes the sole machine was out of order, however tech support had been notified 10mins earlier
Yes the sole machine was out of order, however tech support had been notified 10mins earlier


Poor Duncan (Garner from Radio Live @Garner_Live ) got knackered $68.20 taking his family on a day outing yesterday (Sunday) using public transport (and of course walking). $68.20 – OUCH!

You can read Duncan’s account of it Duncan Garner: Sunday without a car. Public transport: Does it work?


Taking some final points or questions Duncan asked at the conclusion:

So what are my impressions of going car-less?

1. It’s actually harder and you have to plan meticulously.
2. It’s not cheap – the return train cost us $36.20 – that’s a lot of petrol in my car.
3. It takes longer to get places because it’s not point to point.
4. Why couldn’t I buy return tickets at Avondale train station?
5. Why couldn’t I buy a family pass or off peak pass?
6. Why do they offer cheaper prices at Britomart but not at outer suburban stations?
7. As a first time user my wife’s hop card did not work for the train and therefore we flagged it for the ferry. We paid cash. It’s not user-friendly for families.
8. Why were there four ticket inspectors on my train on Sunday afternoon? Almost one per passenger.
9. It involves a lot of walking and we were all stuffed by 7pm Sunday evening.

All up, it cost me $68.20 to get to Devonport with my family – that was return. I could get almost ¾ of a tank of gas for that. And I could have driven point to point.


Source: Duncan Garner: Sunday without a car. Public transport: Does it work?

Note: Sydney with their paper tickets allow you to get return passes.


Duncan asks legitimate questions some of which I have been hammering away at Auckland Transport over ever since AT-HOP came out (the Family Pass the main one) back in 2012. Of course can we find some of the issues still plaguing AT-HOP here: Not a Good Day for Auckland Transport [UPDATED x3] that have bungled things like Daily and Family Passes

If it is taking that much of an effort to get Daily Passes for individuals on stream I hate to think what of efforts it would have taken to get a Family Pass loaded up on to the rail ticket machines seen at stations.

Of course Auckland Transport will say that Integrated Fares will be out next year but nearly two years have lapsed since AT-HOP were starting operations on the rail network. How hard would have it been to upload a simple piece of software into the ticket machines for the Family Pass paper ticket two years ago. Well looking at the Super Gold pass issue and the LGOIMA dump (see the Not a Good Day… link above) it seems for AT it is one for the too hard and apparently too expensive basket (waiting on a LGOMIA reply to a question around Thales – the provider for the software and hardware for AT-HOP).


Such an expense like what Duncan copped is an expense some people and families can not afford to traverse and see their wonderful home that is Auckland. The car won’t be an option either as owning a car all up is not cheap when running costs are taken into account. As Duncan said $68.20 would have given him a 3/4 tank of gas – which he would chew through a bit of it had he decided to go by car. So with cars out and public transport expensive we get families disconnected from their very own City. My recent Aucklanders Do NOT Connect With Their Community/Communities points this out and shows Auckland ranks the LOWEST in wellbeing. Furthermore low well-being is a fuel to social health and deprivation issues which harms individuals, families, communities and the City as a whole.


So what will Auckland Transport do about the above situation? Looking at their CEO’s dismissive stance over the flak of the AT Private Shuttles I can guarantee absolutely nothing!


Note: Knackered means in the dictionary “Done In” – so yes Duncan got done in $68.20