Auckland Development Committee Agenda Up, Also Giving a Presentation

Agenda Up, Committee Talks Area Plans, I Talk Metropolitan Centre Master Plans


Davis Ave Boulevard To the left is a shared path to the right is a footpath
Davis Ave Boulevard
To the left is a shared path to the right is a footpath


The June Auckland Development Committee Agenda has gone up and we are talking plans out in suburbia and Centres (that is not the City Centre). As well as carrying out my usual live Tweeting service over the Committee proceedings I am giving a short presentation on the Metropolitan Centres.

My presentation slides (in PDF) can be seen below:


The presentation’s main emphasis is to give the main Council a bit of a push to get moving with drawing up well structured and coherent master plans for our ten Metropolitan Centres. Remembering that through the operative Auckland Plan our Metropolitan Centres are second tier centres behind our tier one (main) City Centre and serve sub-regional catchments (compared to the City Centre serving a regional catchment and Town Centres serving more localised catchments). That said it is being current debated whether two of our Metropolitan Centres actually serve regional rather than sub regional catchments thus they have a Centre zone of their own, the Super Metropolitan Centre. However, I am not here or there talking about Super Metropolitan Centres as that is with the Unitary Plan Independent Hearings Panel per my submission to the Unitary Plan.

What I am going to be talking about briefly is with the City Centre Master Plan fully under way and Area Plans also getting under way we have our top and lower tier Centres either being planned for the future or, having those plans being carried out. This effectively leaves our second tier centres needing their master plans drawn up and carried out for the life of the Auckland Plan.

The presentation fits in very well with the upcoming endorsement by the Committee of the Otara-Papatoetoe Area Plan which will happen after my presentation. The Area Plan as well as their Local Board Plan looks at the Manukau Metropolitan Centre although on first look it seems the Local Board is confused about the role of Manukau City Centre (and not helped with the Auckland Plan giving two definitions on the Metropolitan Centre). Something I’ll submit on when the submission process starts for that Area Plan. Papakura Local Board in their Local Board Plan are also wanting a Metropolitan Centre Master Plan as well. Whether that will be falling outside the Area Plan is something I hope the Committee might debate to give clarity


The wider Agenda and the Area Plans


The Auckland Development Committee Agenda


The ADC Addendum Agenda containing the Area Plans up for debate/endorsement


The Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board Plan


Live Tweeting (apart from when I am presenting) will happen through the Committee proceedings



Albany Metropolitan Centre
Albany Metropolitan Centre