Southern Motorway Upgrade Website Up

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Area of the Southern Motorway where the corridor upgrade will happen
Area of the Southern Motorway where the corridor upgrade will happen


The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) have got their website up for the Southern Motorway which is due to start late 2015 and with completion by the end of 2017 (when the Western Ring Route is also completed).

You can go here for the Southern Motorway Upgrade website.


Some key bits from the website on the project (source: )

About the Southern Corridor

The ‘Southern Corridor’ is the stretch of Southern Motorway between the SH20/SH1 connection at the northern end and Papakura to the south.

The Southern Corridor is a key strategic route from the north, connecting Auckland to Hamilton, Tauranga and the rest of New Zealand.

Improvements to SH16 and SH20, with the completion of the Waterview Connection project in 2017 and the entire Western Ring Route in 2021, will increase the amount of traffic reaching SH1 heading southbound, in particular during peak times.

Recent growth predictions forecast that Auckland’s population will grow by another one million residents over the next three decades. This includes an additional 160,000 people, equivalent to a city the size of Hamilton, located in the southern area alone.

The problem

Motorists experience frequent bottlenecks at several locations along the Southern Motorway, in particular between the SH20/SH1 connection and Papakura, including the Takanini Interchange, creating significant delays and eroding journey reliability. This is caused by an imbalance in the number of lanes heading both northbound and southbound with the fluctuation from three to two lanes.

Additionally, growth in South Auckland is increasing the amount of congestion on the local road network at Great South Road with frequent delays for motorists and buses. This is also having an effect on traffic entering and exiting the motorway at the Takanini Interchange. There are also known safety risks at the Takanini Interchange, particularly with the northbound merge onto the motorway.

A lack of walking and cycling facilities along the southern corridor means fewer trips are made by foot or bike, leading to increased car use for short distance trips.

The Projects


The Open Days and Consultation Period

Information days

The project team have produced the initial scheme design and would like to share this with you at our information days. You’ll have the opportunity to meet the team, ask questions about the project and leave your feedback on the initial design.

Where and when

  • Monday 28 July, 3pm – 7pm
    Manukau Golf Club, Members Lounge
    1/1 Great South Road, Takanini
  • Wednesday 30 July, 3pm – 7pm
    Papakura Library and Museum Building
    209 Great South Road (parking available on East Street), Papakura
  • Thursday 31 July, 3pm – 7pm
    Counties Racing Club, Fulton Lounge
    222 – 250 Manukau Road, Pukekohe
  • Saturday 2 August, 10am – 2pm
    Manurewa East School, School Hall
    10 Scotts Road, Manurewa

Online feedback

You will be able to submit online feedback soon via this website.

Next steps

Your feedback will form part of a consultation report that will help shape the next stages of the project.

The final detailed design stage will start later this year, with construction scheduled to commence later next year.


Contact Details



I will trundle down to one of the open days (most likely the Wednesday one in Papakura) followed up by a submission when the formal consultation period opens.

Currently I do support the corridor project as highly needed for the South. Other projects including public transport and active transport modes are either under way or working their way through the hoops. So overall it is a balanced transport planning and delivery scheme for the South.