WAKEFIELD AT WASHINGTON: The New Zealand Founding Father Who Set Fire to the White House

Interesting story and fate for one of Nelson’s founding fathers who was in the end killed by a feared Maori Chief. Prior to his death this founding father would be part of the Royal Navy force that captured Washington DC and razed the White House in 1814

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The destruction of the White House is a scene most commonly associated with fictional alien invasions or terrorist plots on the big screen, but today marks two hundred years since an enemy force marched on Washington and set fire to the famous residence. This is the relatively unknown yet remarkable story of how one of the junior officers in the force that torched the White House went on to become the founding father of one of New Zealand’s earliest settlements and ultimately met his fate during a skirmish with one of the most revered and feared of all Māori chiefs – Te Rauparaha.

Arthur Wakefield was only ten years old when he joined the Royal Navy in May 1810. The British had enjoyed naval supremacy since their famous victory at Trafalgar, less than five years earlier, but the fate of Europe was still uncertain with Napoleon’s armies waging war across…

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