Not In the Best Position

Reset the Strategy


Electric Train at Britomart Source:
Electric Train at Britomart

I picked up yesterday that the Greens continue like the Council and Transport Blog to push for the City Rail Link start date to begin 2015/2016. This is despite the following:

  • National now commanding a majority in her Third Term Government
  • Greens and Labour lost party vote
  • West Auckland went blue on the Party Vote
  • Government again shooting down the Mayor’s alternative funding package
  • City becoming less tolerant towards that alternative funding package


As I have pointed out in Targeted Rate for the City Rail Link? the City tolerance to the Alternative Funding Package (tolls, and road pricing) is low as are large rates rises. I think it might be time for some on the Centre Left to reset their strategy and expectations with the City Rail Link start date. Meaning bite the lemon and approach the Government on the compromise for the option of a 2018 start date that does NOT have the Alternative Funding Package anywhere in sight. The funding package would be done as done overseas with Public Private Partnerships, that being allowing large developments over the station to help pay and funnel people towards the CRL.

Time is ticking folks

Greens Press Release on the City Rail Link:

2 thoughts on “Not In the Best Position

  1. I still firmly believe that voters didn’t, by and large, care about transport issues in the election. Most people have no idea how PT is funded so they see things like public transport as a regional issue rather than a central government issue.

    1. I would agree with your Bryce, Transport wasn’t dealt with as a significant issue during the election, the lack of it featuring in any leaders debate or getting any significant media coverage shows this. Only a very small minority voted based on transport transport issues and as such reasons like ‘West Auckland went blue on the party vote’ and that ‘Greens and Labour lost party vote’ shouldn’t be viewed with much weight.

      However the fact that the government is National who it seems very clear are unlikely to fund any share of the CRL in 2015 is the reason why Council should maybe be looking at a more realistic start date. Not simply because supposedly national has a mandate in the transport portfolio.

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