Initial Thoughts on Election 2014

First Thoughts – More This Evening and Tomorrow


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Election 2014 is done and dusted with the nation leaning further to the Centre Right and National on a solid start for its fourth term in 2014. I will post more in-depth thoughts later today but for Auckland and Auckland Council I do have these initial thoughts

From Facebook

(Deputy Mayor) Penny Hulse

So now the work starts ensuring that we work with the government for the good of Auckland. We need to rebuild the relationship between local government and Wellington which has been a little rough over the last 3 years. Auckland is going “great guns” but we must partner more effectively with Wellington to achieve more. I hope this government will be willing to get on with working with AUCKLAND We are up for it!


My reply

Ben Ross It has been rocky yes Penny but still in good enough shape to get things done at somewhat a muddled pace.

However, there a few pointers which I am going to point out (and will be in the blog later today) so of which might be controversial but this is for the sake of the City

1) National now command a solid majority and a near Super Majority if Winston Peters gets some deals (English and Joyce hinted at this last night). I suspect Government to be more interesting in our Planning matters although that will be tempered by the Unitary Plan becoming operative in 2016. The RMA reforms will now go through

2) The Congestion Free Network is for now dead in the water for the most part with the Greens losing vote share even in Auckland herself. However, parts of it can be picked and run with depending on how the Spatial Priorities turn out in the LTP discussions currently under way

3) Sorry but the City Rail Link is now definitely off the table for next year. Your earliest start date is 2017 at the moment as National looks to her 4th Term which she is looking solid in getting all things considered this morning. Council will need to review her transport priorities as a result of this and prepare to bite a rather large lemon. That said there is a way to salvage aspects of the transport plans and is something I have stored away in the blog.

4) South Auckland will continue to bubble away and develop on her own accord regardless of the LTP and National’s new term. West Auckland however, has sent a rather big warning with the West and Isthmus Party Voting National even in traditional Labour strong holds. The West is not happy and sees little faith in the Left at Central Level. This can make its way down to Local Level especially those who reside in New Lynn and Henderson (and I know who the Ward Councillors are for those areas). My most controversial point is this: Unless the West sees some serious cash coming its way in the LTP even at the expense of the City Centre the 2016 Local Elections out West just got interesting.

5) Will someone boot AT up its backside please. There are lots of small wins that can be gained from our transport system (Manukau South Link being one) but we are caught in them fluffing around. Start on small wins then move to the big stuff. Walk before you can run.

I make no apologies Deputy Mayor Hulse in those 5 points above. I care for this City a lot probably way too much. Last night was a shock (even Nat supporters were ;-O ) but as you said it We including Wellington can get the best for Auckland together



More analysis later (and yes Judith Collins majority in Papakura was slashed by 6,000 votes or some 52%)