After 6 Years, Apparently National has Discovered Housing is an Issue.

Legitimate questions that need honest answers
As well as less hysteria from both sides

Slightly Left of Centre

Bill English is quite right to say that the stock of houses owned by Housing New Zealand Corporation is not sufficient to meet the needs of low income kiwi families. But is he right to sell off the HNZ portfolio without telling Kiwis what he intends to do with the proceeds?

The issue, as identified by a recent review, is the location and condition of around 22,000 state houses, with an estimated value of around $5billion.

There is a clearly defined issue with the Governments stock of housing, in that much of it exists in areas where there is little or no demand, or the stock is dilapidated, dangerous or generally unfit for human habitation as a result of years, or even decades of inadequate maintenance.

If the Government commits to reinvesting the proceeds of a State House sell-off back into the social housing asset base that I will be…

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