More Auckland Transport Fail

Customer Service Non Existent



Yet again Auckland Transport’s customer service goes wanting – or rather missing.

I have picked up reports of the Rail Ticket Machines all failing thus people are unable to get a paper ticket nor top up their HOP Cards unless the station has a ticket office nearby. Furthermore owing to what seems to be a core server failure the Information Display systems at the stations had also all failed as well. However, Britomart information displays now seem to be working to a limited extent.

So with this failure and people confused we expect Auckland Transport to embark on a public information campaign including some Tweets so those of us who are active on Twitter might be able to Retweet as well as the Main Stream Media being able to do its informing.

But did this expectation happen?

Nope – not a squeak from Auckland Transport who outsourced their “comms” to a third party who just do AT’s marketing. So we can forget about prompt information like we get from NZTA.

Great Customer Service from Auckland Transport?


What Customer Service….


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