A Case of Green Corruption?

Something a little bit different as Auckland grinds its way through Rates and Transport.
No matter which Party an MP is on I do not take highly to snouts in troughs. So I hope the Greens clean this up in earnest as they do not need this distraction while the spot light is firmly on them over Auckland’s transport situation!!!

Slightly Left of Centre

A couple of days ago, I looked into the travel and accommodation expenditure of Green MP Steffan Browning.

I revealed what was already public information for the few who can be bothered looking into it in detail; that Mr Browning has spent $166,369 of taxpayers money on travel and accommodation since October 2012. I have asked Steffan Browning for comment, I have asked Russell Norman for comment, and I have asked Feed the Kids Bill sponsor Metiria Turei for comment. None have deigned to reply. are they simply aloof, or are the hiding something?

The reason I revealed this information is not because of the amount of money he has spent. While it is, in my opinion, a clear example of an MP with his snout in the trough of public funds, the issue I have is the lack of any sort notable of achievement that has resulted from Mr…

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