Help Shape Downtown Public Spaces

Have Your Say as part of the Downtown Framework



Time for some public input on Downtown public spaces.

From Auckland Council:

Aucklanders asked to help shape downtown public spaces


Aucklanders are being asked to help plan a network of high-quality public spaces set for Downtown Auckland.

Auckland Council says there is an opportunity to create several quality spaces in the area from Lower Queen Street through to the waterfront areas between Prince’s Wharf and Captain Cook’s Wharf. Each could perform a different role; for example allowing a focus on events and gatherings in one space, eating and relaxing in another, and play and recreation in yet another.

An online survey – accessed through – asks people what they would most like to see and do in these spaces. This follows the publication of the Downtown Framework last month, which highlighted the opportunity for more and better public space. 


The council has published analysis of previous engagement on the city centre, which shows a growing appetite for better public spaces and a frustration with the quality of what is on offer.

“Aucklanders want and deserve world-class design, with places designed for people,” says Auckland Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse.

“Downtown Auckland will be transformed over the next decade, and that includes a really exciting opportunity for much more attractive, vibrant, useable public spaces. This will benefit all those who live, work and study in the city centre, as well as businesses, visitors and shoppers.”

Lower Queen Street, outside the Britomart building, is earmarked for a new civic space, which will be created as part of the enabling works on the City Rail Link. New downtown bus interchanges will make it possible to remove traffic from most of this area.

Additionally, the sale proceeds of Queen Elizabeth Square will contribute towards the development of two public spaces on the waterfront. The aim is to deliver new spaces within five years and the results of the survey will be used to inform the design and planning.

The Auckland Council group – through its City Centre Integration team – is also looking at the future of the central wharves, which could identify further potential public space on the waterfront.

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More on the Downtown Framework can be seen here: Downtown Framework Passed [Updated with Framework now Included]

Hmm we might want a decent transport system so we can enjoy these spaces too <_<