Podcast: Follow Up to Questions for the Mayor on the Congestion Free Network

Councillors rightfully concerned


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While my podcast about the Mayor and the Congestion Free Network did go up this morning (Question to Len Brown: Where is the Congestion Free NetworkHerald journalist Bernard Orsman decided to drop this piece as well:

City Rail Link faces delay until 2020

Councillors have second thoughts on start to $2.4 billion project.
Auckland Mayor Len Brown has locked $2.2 billion into a new 10-year budget to begin work on the 3.5km underground rail link in 2016 and completed by 2021.

• Auckland’s biggest transport initiative is on a knife-edge

• A number of Auckland councillors want to put the $2.4 billion City Rail Link on hold to stave off growing anger at big rates rises

• A Herald survey found some of Mayor Len Brown’s supporters have switched sides and want the Link shelved until 2020, unless the Government stumps up cash

• Brown has until Wednesday to get the numbers to keep his flagship policy afloat

The $2.4 billion City Rail Link could be deferred until 2020 because of mounting concerns by councillors about its impact on rates, debt and big cuts to community services.

A number of councillors are having second thoughts about an early start on the rail project and support deferring work until the Government comes on board with funding in 2020.

On Wednesday, all 20 councillors and the mayor will debate the budget and make decisions on the rail project for public consultation.

The Government has agreed to fund half the project, but will not make a financial commitment until 2020, unless the council meets rail patronage and downtown employment targets.


City Rail Link

Where councillors stand

Proceed with CRL timetable
Len Brown
Arthur Anae
Cathy Casey
Bill Cashmore
Chris Darby
Alf Filipaina
Chris Fletcher
Penny Hulse
Mike Lee

Defer timetable*
Cameron Brewer
Ross Clow
Linda Cooper
Denise Krum
Calum Penrose
Dick Quax
Sharon Stewart
John Watson
George Wood
*Most of this group support an early start on a short section of the route to go with redevelopment of the Downtown Shopping Centre

Could not be contacted
John Walker
Wayne Walker
Penny Webster

Brown’s CRL funding plan*
$156m – 2015/16
$267m – 2016/17
$432m – 2017/18
$438m – 2018/19
$425m – 2019/2020
$481m – 2020/2021
$102m – 2021/22
-$88m (sale of properties)2022/23
*Funded by debt and development contributions


Source and full article: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11352157


Aptly called "The Village Idiot"
Aptly called “The Village Idiot”

This resulted in Twitter getting into an uproar and levelling not needed accusations at Whau Ward Councillor Ross Clow (Labour). In response I walked through (on Twitter) with Transport Blog on the Congestion Free Network and how Government is causing the bulk of the funding gap not Auckland Council.

After the walk through I’d produce this podcast in reaction to Orsman’s article, the Twitter reaction, and the walk through with Transport Blog. I thank Transport Blog in return for that walk through.


For your reference as I mentioned them extensively in the podcast I have these links for you:

The ‘Where Next” post that points out the realities I drew just after the election and that Orsman touches on in his article: Talking Auckland Analysis into the Alternative Transport Funding Package #2


The Alternative Funding mechanism presented to the Auckland Development Committee in October (full version) as again Bernard mentions this at the end of his article via the Mayor’s suggested funding method of debt and development contributions: My Alternative Funding Package for Auckland’s Transport Projects


The Question to Mayor Len Brown on where is the Congestion Free Network: Question to Len Brown: Where is the Congestion Free Network


The subsequent podcast on the rest of the questions I sent to the Mayor last week have been answered and are due back tomorrow. As a result the podcast (as well as future podcasts around the questions) will be changed to reflect the answers given back. I thank the Mayoral Office for their help in answering the questions on such a topic issue right now.


One thought on “Podcast: Follow Up to Questions for the Mayor on the Congestion Free Network

  1. I’ve never heard anything so silly as a delay to the CRL.
    It will never be any cheaper than now to build. We have waited and needed this transport improvement for so long that any delay makes no sense whatsoever.
    Previous councils (Councilors) have delayed infrastructure, maintenance work in the past only to allow it to accumulate and increase in costs as time is wasted, We now have the results of that shortsighted approach with the increased bill we now have inherited,
    Don’t delay the CRL.

    Cliff Dew

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