Question to Len Brown: Where is the Congestion Free Network

Where are our real two options Mayor Len Brown


In this podcast series (deluxe at 13 odd minutes in length) I look at two of the ten questions I have sent to Mayor Len Brown in light of the Alternative Funding Transport Package he (and the Independent Advisory Board) announced early last week.

The two questions I asked and even challenge the Mayor on were the following:

3) Has the Mayor and IAB actually considered the Congestion Free Network? 

4) Why when the Congestion Free Network being cheaper to implement but gives better outcomes than the entire ITP (think travel congestion and speeds in 2042) not being actually pursued vigorously – in place of the ITP



So this podcast asks why has Mayor Len Brown both actively not pursued the Congestion Free Network as well as why is this not presented to us as a contestable option against his Integrated Transport Program that has a $12b funding hole he is trying to plug!


Reference material from Transport Blog for the podcast

Now let’s put these all together for a comparison:

ITP - CFN Totals 1

So, overall, the CFN is nearly $14 billion cheaper than what’s outlined in the ITP over the same time period – and this is with North Shore Rail included. If you were to push North Shore rail out to beyond 2030, (which we’re reluctant to do but agree it’s one of the latest parts of the CFN built) then the CFN is $17 billion cheaper than what’s in the ITP. Which means the funding gap is gone.

The CFN also has more of a balance between funding public transport and roading – with a 42% roads, 58% PT funding split. This compares to the ITP proposing to spend 72% of its capital on roads and only 28% on public transport.



Also to the Congestion Free Network itself:


The Podcast asking Mayor Len Brown those two questions:

Note: This is actually podcast 4 with three previous podcasts done (I forget the ‘Where Next” podcast) not two as mentioned here.


The Mayor’s Integrated Transport Program Summary as of last week (note total figures might vary from those quoted in the pod cast using Transport Blog figures owing to updates from TB’s 2013 figures such as the $500m reduction in cost for the City Rail Link or deferrals such as Pukekohe Electrification)


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Reference Material:

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In the next podcast I look at questions one and two that I sent to Mayor Len Brown in relation to the Alternative Funding Transport Package