Port of Auckland – Relocation and the Unitary Plan

POAL’s Submission on the Regional Policy Statement – Issues of the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan


Those who have followed the blog for a while know that I ran a series on relocation the port away from our Waterfront and to south-east Auckland. The what would be then the former site of the Port would be converted to high-end residential, commercial, and civic spaces. More on it (to where I left off) can be seen here: Auckland Waterfront Index


Port of Auckland have filed a submission to the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan on port location alternatives under the Regional Policy Statement – Issues section of the Unitary Plan. The Port have been generous (knowing I compiled an extensive piece on relocating the Port and redeveloping the Waterfront) in forwarding their submission on alternative sites via Twitter earlier today. You can read the submission below:


Port of Auckland Submission concerning alternative sites



I thank the Port for forwarding the submission via Twitter. One thing the submission has done and I have always requested was a technical report outlining the ayes and nays of relocating the port if for nothing else to put my mind at ease from information being made available. From the submission the Port has done the information has put my mind at ease after reading it especially in the south-east Auckland relocation site.

While it was the best possible alternative site available the environmental consequences in my eyes and for now outweigh the benefits it does offer Auckland and nation wide. However, and the Port has not ruled it out entirely (using the term “foreseeable future”) the south-east Auckland site could be done later in time if ever so needed and we have the information there about it.


So for now for me the relocation “project” is parked for about ten years before I would dust it back off and have a look at it again.

I thank Port of Auckland for forwarding the submission and yes it has put my mind at ease from the information available.