Have Your Say On Legal Highs

Deadline this Friday


From Auckland Council

Time running out to have your say on legal highs issue


Aucklanders are being urged to make sure they have their say on the issue of the sale of legal highs as consultation closes this Friday.

Councillor George Wood, chairperson of the Auckland Council Regional Strategy and Policy Committee, says that Auckland needs to be ready for when the products are legal again.


“Whether we like it or not, central government will at some point license these substances to be sold again. When that happens, this policy will dictate where that will happen in Auckland.

“It may be that you object to the sale of the products near your home, near your child’s school or anywhere in the city- or it may be that you are perfectly fine with them being sold.

“Whichever side of the debate you sit on, the consultation is happening now, and it will be too late to have your say once the policy is in place.

“This is a decision of huge significance for the people of this city. It will likely impact on all of us in some way. So make sure your voice is heard before time runs out.”


The consultation on the Local Approved Product Policy closes at 4pm on Friday 28 November and will help decide where psychoactive substances can be sold in Auckland once licensed by government.

To contribute to the consultation, visit www.shapeauckland.co.nz


Further Information


The consultation closes at 4pm on Friday 28 November 

The policy proposes that:

  1. Licenses to sell legal psychoactive substances in all of Auckland (apart from the city centre) will not be granted in:
  • areas of high deprivation
  • neighbourhood centres
  • within 500m of a school teaching students year seven and above
  • within 200m of a school teaching students between years one and six inclusive
  • within 500m of a mental health or addiction treatment centre
  • within 500m of an existing psychoactive substances retail licence
  • areas identified as restricted areas. 
  1. Licenses to sell legal psychoactive substances in the city centre will not be granted:
  • in areas of residential deprivation
  • within 100m of an existing psychoactive substances retail licence.



You have until this Friday