Spy Report (Leaked by Phil Goff): Jason Ede Failed To Front

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Slightly Left of Centre

Slightly Left of Centre has received information that PM John Key’s self-styled “black-ops” man Jason Ede refused to attend an inquiry held by Inspector General of Security and Intelligence (SIS), Cheryl Gwyn, choosing instead to provide only a written statement in relation to the potentially inappropriate and politically motivated release of information by the SIS during the 2011 election campaign.

Despite repeated attempts by the inquiry to question Mr Ede further on his involvement to WhaleOil blogger, Cameron Slater, Mr Ede failed to front up.

This information, which was declassified and released to Slater under the Official Information Act (OIA), directly contradicted Phil Goff’s denials that he was briefed by SIS director, Warren Tucker, about suspected Israeli agents in Canterbury at the time of the earthquakes, causing Mr Goff significant embarrassment at a politically sensitive moment.

Labour sources confirm that the report, entitled Inquiry by Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security Concerning Release of Information…

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