Notice of Requirement to Remove Six Pohutukawa at 820 Great North Road

Update on the Pohutukawa at St Lukes Road Interchange by Vernon Tava.

A decision will be known in early December

Vernon Tava

It was fortuitous – having just completed two days of RMA hearing training the day before – to attend a full day of hearings on the 6th of November regarding a matter on which the Waitematā Local Board was the main submitter in opposition.

St-lukes-intersection Before and after as modelled by AT.

AT propose the removal of six mature Pohutukawa trees from the side of Great North Road on either side of the St Lukes intersection. There is a good summary (including a one-minute video here). This is to allow for two lanes of traffic to turn on to the North Western Motorway on the eastern side of the St Lukes bridge intersection. The site is on the Local Board’s boundary with the Albert-Eden Local Board and on the western side of the intersection the boundary runs along Great North Road as far as Motions Road. The reserve in which…

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