A statement from the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

Made me chuckle before signing off for the night

Imperator Fish

The New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union is outraged at the scandalous behaviour of Auckland mayor Len Brown.

The people of Auckland deserve better than a mayor who spends public money discharging his bodily wastes.

Every time Len Brown goes to the toilet he is flushing away ratepayer money. Who pays for the water? The toilet paper our mayor uses? We do! Well not us, because we’re not even Auckland based, and we know as much about Auckland as we pretend to know about Dirty Politics.   But this is quite literally money down the drain.

Len Brown needs to front up and come clean. He owes the Auckland ratepayers answers to the following questions:

  • How much toilet paper has our profligate mayor been using? Surely a single sheet would suffice for most purposes. Better still, he should fund his own disgusting habits. If Len Brown wants to waste toilet paper he can…

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