St Luke’s Pohutukawa Consigned to Removal by NoR Hearing Panel

Well it got Twitter going that was for sure and then we saw this pop up and making the rounds:



Source: Ryan Mearns
Source: Ryan Mearns

Vernon Tava

St-lukes-intersectionToday the Local Board was informed that the hearing panel on the Notice of Requirement (NoR) for the Pohutukawa trees (I’ve written about this in detail at the link) at 820 Great North Road has recommended that Auckland Transport (AT) be able to cut down the six grand, old trees.

We are devastated. This is a loss that cannot be remedied by the proposed new plantings and is the product of a tragic lack of vision on the part of AT.

AT have 30 working days to decide whether or not they will accept the recommendation of the panel.

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