The beginning of the end for Mike Sabin?

Well as soon as I throw the blog in Summer mode it goes to poodoo for Central Government….

This, the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment, and Sky City are giving the Government grief at the moment.

While one does not affect Auckland per say compared to the other two it shows our Central Government is going to need a heck of a prod.

Auckland is already facing three years of a Mayor not being at full strength, we certainly do not need a Central Government not firing on all cylinders either. Not now not ever

Occasionally Erudite Publications

The Sunday Star Times and NZ Herald have been carrying stories about allegations that National MP Mike Sabin is being investigated for assault. At present, the stories carry no detail, making it impossible to tell whether the complaints are historic or whether it’s a family violence complaint.

Nonetheless, in politics, nothing is secret. According to Cameron Slater, the allegations have been doing the rounds for about a month. He describes the allegations as “almost too horrible for words” and predicts a by-election in Sabin’s Northland electorate. (Of course, any allegation made by Slater should perhaps come with questions regarding veracity and whether he’s being paid to assassinate Sabin’s character. If Sabin does end up resigning, it might pay to look closely at whichever candidate Slater lends his support to…)

In the SST and over at TheStandard, questions are being asked about when John Key knew about the allegations. The…

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